Nipah Virus – What Nurses Needs to Know?

Nipah Virus Cause Infection Prevention - 1Widespread rumours have been spreading in the name of Nipah Virus Infection. As nurses, we need to know the legitimate truth behind. This article throws an insight about Nipah Virus Infection. Article has been prepared from various articles prepared by field experts including WHO website. Read more ›

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CBT exam (Computer Based Test) for getting job in UK as a registered nurse (with MCQs)

nmc cbt exam uk nurses registration study materials mock questionsCBT is a computer based test that all nurses need to pass, if they are planning to be a registered nurse in UK. This test is also known as Test of Competence Part !. All Nurses can attempt CBT after starting their NMC (Nurses and Midwifery Council) application. Before starting the NMC registration procedure, aspiring nurses should have passed their specific language requirement test (either IELTS Academic – 7 in each band or OET – b in all modules). If you are successful in CBT exam, you have to sit for Test of Competence Part 2 ie OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) after getting into UK. So CBT is the second step after which you have to complete certain paper works before reallocating to UK. Read more ›

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Checking credibility of your Recruiting Agent in midst of Recruitment Scams

Credibility of Recruiting Agent in Midst of Recruitment ScamsMany months back all newspapers have brought out the news that nursing recruitment to 17 ECR countries by private agencies is back. After that we have been seeing so many advertisements for nurses recruitment to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. What is the actual scenario? Is there any scam or fraudulent activities lying behind? How can you check whether your recruiter is genuine or not? This article will give an insight about all these questions that may be arising in your mind. Read more ›

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Australia Nurses Registration from India – Detailed Procedure 2018

australia nurses registration from IndiaEverybody knows that Australia now accepts OET B level for becoming a registered nurse in Australia. Before an IELTS Academic score of overall 7 and 7 in each band was required. Eventhough OET is little costlier exam than IELTS, OET is considered as more easier than IELTS Academic. So we think it will be worth to share about how to become a registered nurse in Australia after clearing OET / IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE Exam. Read more ›

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Common cold is so common in children – Why it is so?

COMMON COLD IN CHILDRENYou might have observed that children under 5 years of age are frequently brought to hospital because of common cold and cough. What can be the underlying reason for this frequent colds in children? Read more ›

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Hassle free registration in Karnataka nursing council from any other state

karnataka nursing council registration from other statesEverybody knows how to register with any nursing council for the first time. But most of us have no idea about how to register in another state nursing council after registering with your own state nursing council. For eg. you will not be knowing the formalities required for registering in Karnataka Nursing Council after being registered with Kerala Nursing Council. This article is about hussle free registration procedure while registering with Karnataka state nursing council from any state. Read more ›

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E Recruitment Nursing Job in Middle East Countries – A Reality Check

e recruitment reality check nursing job in middle eastTo secure a job in any middle east country as a registered nurse, is a very difficult task now. It is not as before. You might have come through many e recruitment advertisements in many of the nursing blogs. If you are following, you might have seen that we have reduced the number of online/E recruitment advertisements in our website ie Have you ever thought, why this is happening? Its not because of shortage of e recruitment links. But those job advertisements have been reduced after a reality check by our team. Recently, we happened to see an HR of a reputed hospital in UAE. The fact he has told have opened our eyes. Let me explain that in detail. Read more ›

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Occupational English Test (OET) – What nurses needs to know?

OET - What Nurses needs to knowOccupational English Test (OET) has been recognised as one of the english language requirement other than IELTS Academic by United Kingdom as well as Australia. It will be good for nurses to have an awareness about OET and its requirements. This article gives information about that. Read more ›

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Career options for nurses with 7 band in Academic IELTS (October 2017)

ielts academic 7 band nurses options advtHave you been trying a lot to get a 7 band in IELTS academic? You should have an idea about what you can do after getting these high score…In this blog post we will tell you about the options you have, in case if you have got a nice IELTS Academic score….Keep reading for more Read more ›

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Recruiting power of Private Agencies as per New Government Order September 12 2017

private agencies new change recruitment policy september 2017As per new government order updated on September 12 2017, any Indian Registered Agent (State or Private)would be allowed only through a country specific order from the Ministry of External Affairs, for which necessary changes are being incorporated in the online e Migrate system. This doesn’t mean any registered agent can simply directly recruit to a any of these ECR countries. Detailed procedure for recruitment of nurses by a foreign employer through a Registered agent is given below Read more ›

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15 Nursing School/Staff Nurse Essentials that every nurse would love to buy

nursing essentials that nurses would love to haveWhat are the essential tools required for a student nurse or a practicing nurse? Have you thought of it? Sometimes while writing on IV infusion bottles, you might be thinking of possibility of getting a sharp colour pen. While recieving a hand over, you may find the difficulty in writing every thing in a chit paper. A pocket diary would come useful in that situation. So, its clear there are some nursing essentials which are required for both a student nurse or a staff nurse. Lets start thinking… Read more ›

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Watching TV very closely can damage your eyes!!! Is the statement a myth or truth.

watching tvWatching TV very close can harm your eyes!!! We are hearing this since childhood days. But what is the truth lying behind. Lets find out. This statement was true in relation to some new fanged colour TV’s that General Electric had sold in 1960’s. Those TV sets emitted excessive radiations (>1lakh times more than safer limit). But GE quickly recalled and repaired those faulty TVs, but stigma prevails even today. Read more ›

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Fraudulent experience certificates caught by Dataflow

Faudulent experience certificate caught by DataflowRecently we have been hearing a lot of fraudulent experience certificate cases in nursing sector from Gulf. Why the number has suddenly increased? Do you have any idea? This is because of introduction of Dataflow in license applications. Read more ›

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How to get rid of chemicals on fruits and vegetables?

Chemicals on fruits and vegetablesNo body wants to eat poison. But we are forced to eat while we are eating fruits and vegetables bought from market. Is there any method by which you can remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables? Have you ever thought of it? Read more ›

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KNMC Registration guidelines for various documents

KNMC Registration GuidelinesIf you are a registered nurse in Kerala, you might require different certificates from KNMC – Kerala nurses and midwives council for different purposes. What all are the documents to be produced to get different certificates from KNMC? Keep reading for more information on KNMC registration guidelines. Read more ›

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