Why UK is a better option among other European countries?

UK migration for Nurses better option than other European countriesOnce you complete IELTS or oet exam and you are planning to go to Europe, this is the first question that pops out. Let’s find a reasonable reason behind your decision.

UK/Ireland/New Zealand Registered Nurse – Which one is better?

Advantages of being an NHS staff nurse in UK

– salary competitive to other European countries

– Recruitment is completely free, even your IELTS exam fees will be refunded

– Processing time is very less, once you give your application for assessment, if everything goes right you will get you decision letter within three months

– Ilr (Indefinite leave to remain) or Permanent Residency after four years

– after 37.5 hours/week in the hospital you have contract with, you can work part time in other hospitals or can undertake agency work

– free education for children till twelve standard

– your family can accompany with you and spouse can work unlimited

– if you are willing to learn and grow, your career prospects will be very good in UK

– if you plan to migrate to Australia, you can do so after clearing an IELTS exam again. You can write NCLEX and try for US or Canada too. It’s easy from UK than from India

– after finishing five years in UK, you can apply for UK citizenship, if you have a UK passport you can travel to most of the countries in the world without even a visa

Disadvantages (If you say so)

– Unlike other European countries, you need to clear a practical exam after getting to UK named as OSCE . You will be permitted to have three attempts within your eight months visa of which first exam fees will be paid by the hospital which is sponsoring you. An OSCE exam costs 992BP (nearly one lakh Indian rupees)

– Nurses belongs to big shortage employment group in UK because of stringent quality requirements. So you should be prepared to work hard. More than physical work, responsibility is more .

– All your IELTS/ OET exam fees, CBT exam fees, UKVI IELTS exam fees (for OET exam takers), assessment fees etc will be refunded only after getting to UK.

Note – it’s a myth that you (from India), can become a registered nurse in UK without IELTS or OET. It’s applicable only for nurses working in other European countries or those who have trained as a nurse in an English speaking country. Please don’t waste your time running behind those….

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