UKVI IELTS and regular IELTS – What’s the difference?

UKVI IELTS and regular IELTS know the differenceUKVI IELTS – All of us know about IELTS which is International English Language Testing System as well as Occupational English Test or OET. We also know that IELTS is of two type ie Academic and General. IELTS Academic is the test taken by most of the nurses as well as other professionals who are planning to work in European countries, Canada, Australia or USA. IELTS Academic is also written by students pursuing higher education in English Countries. IELTS General is generally written by people who are planning for migration to a country like Canada. So now you will be thinking about UKVI IELTS. What is UKVI IELTS? Who needs to take it? What is special about this IELTS? Is it only for a specific country? Doubts are many. I recently took this exam and got to know more about it. I am sharing this information and hopes that you too will share with your friends who are planning to write UKVI IELTS or for those who are planning to migrate to UK. Let’s begin,

Useful Information about UKVI IELTS

UKVI IELTS stands for United Kingdom Visa & Immigration IELTS. Yes this test is a specific requirement for those who are planning to take a visa to travel to UK or for Immigration purposes.

What is the difference between UKVI IELTS and IELTS ?

Like IELTS, UKVI IELTS is also of two types, which are the following, Academic and General. Those who are planning to come to UK on work visa especially nurses coming on 8 – 10 months visa for taking their OSCE Exam (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) in UK needs to write UKVI IELTS for UK visa and immigration purposes. You will be needed to sit for this test at the later stage of your application, ie after receiving decision letter and so.

Exam wise, IELTS and UKVI IELTS are the same. The main difference is in security part. You will be video filmed during your entire speaking as well as the second session (Listening, Reading and Writing). Both of these sessions will take place on same day which is unlikely with regular IELTS
Exam fee for writing UKVI IELTS Academic is Rs. 18200 in India which is around five thousand rupees more than the exam fee of regular IELTS Academic (presently Rs. 12800).

Unlike regular IELTS Academic which you can take at majority of towns all over India, you can take your UKVI IELTS only at specified centers like Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi etc.

Is UKVI IELTS Academic only useful for UK Visa and Immigration?

UKVI IELTS is mandatory for UK visa and immigration. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use this IELTS TRF (test report form) only for UK. Yes, it is accepted as an alternative to regular IELTS Academic in all the regulatory bodies in 65 countries where IELTS exam is accepted.

UKVI IELTS TRF differs from regular IELTS form only in having an extra column of UKVI Number which is for checking by UK Immigration officials.

If you are a nurse and planning to write IELTS to migrate to UK, you can use the opportunity of UKVI IELTS academic. You can sit for UKVI IELTS Academic directly instead of trying for regular IELTS Academic which will save you time before your visa application procedure. The only thing is you should have to pay around 5000 rupees more than your regular IELTS Academic fee and you may not get a favorite place as your test center (UKVI IELTS have lesser number of test dates in a particular city when compared to regular IELTS Academic exam)

So, if you are a nurse who are holding decision letter from UK and have passed OET exam in the early stages of your application, do you need to sit for UKVI IELTS Academic exam?

Yes, you definitely need to attend UKVI IELTS Academic exam before your visa application and you need a score of not less than four in each of the sections. So why not give a try for UKVI IELTS Academic exam before you are attempting OET exam? Anyhow you will require UKVI IELTS Academic TRF if you are planning to relocate to UK at your final stages of visa processing.

Some people who are in final stages of processing will plan to take a newly introduced Computer delivered UKVI IELTS Academic exam in hope of getting TRF (test report form) faster. Let me tell you that even if you take computer delivered UKVI IELTS Academic exam, you will get your UKVI IELTS TRF only after thirteen days from your test date. You will not be able to know your results online too because of the security protocol. You can get your results only when you gets your courier from IDP or British Council with UKVI IELTS Academic TRF.

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