The major types of angina are,

Stable Angina or Exertional Angina

– occurs with exertion and relives with rest

Unstable Angina or Preinfarction Angina

– occurs with unpredictable degree of exertion or emotion and severity increases with time

Variant Angina or Prinzmetal’s or Vasospastic Angina

– results from coronary artery spasm, may occur at rest and ST elevation on ECG

Intractable angina

– incapacitating angina – irresponsive to interventions

Post infarction angina

– Cause is residual ischemia

Type of Pain in all angina pectoris is a substernal, crushing, squeezing pain which may radiate to shoulders, arms, jaws, neck or back and which usually lasts less than 5 minutes