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UKVI IELTS and regular IELTS know the differenceUKVI IELTS – All of us know about IELTS which is International English Language Testing System as well as Occupational English Test or OET. We also know that IELTS is of two type ie Academic and General. IELTS Academic is the test taken by most of the nurses as well as other professionals who are planning to work in European countries, Canada, Australia or USA. IELTS Academic is also written by students pursuing higher education in English Countries. IELTS General is generally written by people who are planning for migration to a country like Canada. So now you will be thinking about UKVI IELTS. What is UKVI IELTS? Who needs to take it? What is special about this IELTS? Is it only for a specific country? Doubts are many. I recently took this exam and got to know more about it. I am sharing this information and hopes that you too will share with your friends who are planning to write UKVI IELTS or for those who are planning to migrate to UK. Let’s begin, Read more of this article »

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