Steps for taking your spouse and kids to a European country, Australia or USA

How to migrate to Europe, Australia, USA with FamilyThis article is for those who are planning to migrate to European countries, Australia, USA etc with family. Its often a fiddle about how to take your kids and wife/husband along with you to the country you are migrating.  I will explain about how to add your spouse name in your passport as well as about getting passport for a child under five years in detail in this article.

Migrating with Your Family to European Countries, Australia and USA

If you are taking your spouse with you to any country, first you need to have your name in your spouse’s passport. Its very easy to add in through Passport seva kendras located all over the country. Just go to and start a new application by registering your primary details sucha as passport number, email, password, date of birth etc. After activating your account in email. Just login with your credentials. Apply for reissue of passport. Then in due procedure they will ask for why the reissue is being done. Just choose to add your spouse name. Complete the remaining steps and take an appointment at any of the passport seva kendras.

You will need to show copy of your passport, your spouses part (including all pages inside it), marriage certificate and adhar card.

You will need to pay Rs. 1500 for new passport (with new number and your spouses name) within five days. You will have to face police verification for this process. You will probably get the passport within 14 days after appointment

For taking your child with you, you need to first apply for fresh passport for your kid. Just create a profile in the name of your child and do the same process as said.

You will have to pay Rs. 1500 for fresh passport (Normal pathway) and you need to provide document such as your passport copy (if you are abroad, you need to sign a declaration), your spouses passport, 2 photos of your child as well as adhar card of your child. If both the parents are present at the time of appointment at PSK, there will not be any police verification in the due process. But if you are abroad and child is going for the appointment along with your spouse, police verification will be done at the address given in your passport application.

If your child is less than five years, they will not collect biometric (finger print, retina scan etc) of your child and kid will need a fresh passport when he or she is five years old.

Its mandatory that any of the parents passport contains your spouse’s name. But you can add your spouses name in his or her passport as well as do fresh passport application for your child altogether. There is no need of two appointments.

For almost all foreign countries, if you need to take your family you need to produce atleast three months salary slip as well as proof of accomodation for the family. Its mandatory. Its for showing that you can support your family all alone.

If you are applying in Tatkal root, you will get your passport within 5 days.

Hope this article is beneficial to those who are planning to migrate to a European country, Australia or USA.

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Steps for taking your spouse and kids to a European country, Australia or USA
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Steps for taking your spouse and kids to a European country, Australia or USA
Detailed steps for taking your family with you to European countries, Australia and USA. Useful for those who are already in those countries and those who are ready to migrate.
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