Sijo Cherian – Nurse in Dubai got Featured in Media for his Innovations

Sijo Cherian

Sijo Cherian,  a 28 year old nurse from Kottayam was featured on Khaleej times on March 09 2017 for the outstanding innovations that he is a part of. He has been working for Dubai Health Authority for more than three years now.

Sijo Cherian is different because he uses his spare time to make innovative and useful inventions. Sijo lives in Karama as a sterilisation technician. He dreams of inventing a new system to reduce abnormal humidity in atmosphere and which also will control dust and pollution in the air.

“I work with a passion to serve Humanity” says Sijo.

His invention list is pretty long that extends from automatic electronic alarm system at unmanned automatic electronic alarm system that can be used in unmanned level crossings in India to an automatic wireless system for fire fighting.

This automatic electronic alarm system is currently used under experimental basis in South Indian Railway. Disaster Management Agency under Govt of Kerala also acknowledged Sijo’s participation in the disaster risk reduction and applauded his electronic alarm device for railways.

His dream project – that he is currently working on – in Dubai is to control the humidity level in the atmosphere and once it is completed he wishes to submit it to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Being a nurse, he has also developed a useful tool for diabetic patients to keep their sugar levels under control and has submitted for approval to an Indian educational institution.

Sijo is already working on a electronic signal system that can alert the safety engineers about the imminent dangers and make safety precautions after hearing news about condition of dams in Kerala.

Human beings have many talents. Its not like you should not develop that only because you are into a tiring profession like nursing. This man is a best example for this. Lets make him famous.

SourceKhaleej Times on March 09 2017

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