Research Reveals – Is eating antibiotic chicken safe in India?

antibiotic chicken safe or notEating antibiotic chicken in India – Is it safe or not? This is a hot topic of discussion in the recent years. Its time to revive our opinions based on new studies conducted on Indian Poultry.

Whether you should eat Antibiotic Chicken or Not?

Usage of Antibiotics in poultry farms is strictly banned in India from 2014, but its annoying that the poultry farms are still continuing to use it because of lack of stingent policy from State and Central Government.

But our question is whether a properly cooked antibiotic reared chicken is safe to consume by humans?

Environmental Health Perspectives – A scientific journal states that antibiotics administered to chickens in Indian Poultry farms do harms humans by building antibiotic resistant bacteria’s in consumers.

The research was led by Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan, Director of Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy based in Washington DC and New Delhi. The researchers studied in 18 farms across India. Among these 18 farms 67% used antibacterial medication to boost the growth and health of Chickens (This also means that out of 100 chickens if taken in random at least 67 will be antibiotic grown).

The research proved that medication is clearly absorbed by chickens. This chicken is in turn send to shops from where we purchase the same with same level of antibiotics. The researchers clearly states that if we eat chickens and their eggs, our bodies will develop antibiotic resistant bacteria.

One more thing, as per Hindustan Times, India is the words largest Consumer of antibiotics. Implications are clear, the more we consume this antibiotic chicken, the more we are prone to use newer antibiotics for a mere skin infection to a severe loose motion.

The researchers also tells us that most Indians are unaware of the fact that Chickens they consume are chock full of antibiotics. Even the poultry farm workers have more chance of danger from growing antibiotic resistant bacteria than rest of us.

If its not safe to eat Chicken in India, What are you planning to eat? If you are thinking of vegetables and fruits, they are full of chemical fertilizers. Think of fish, then ammonia comes into the scene for their long shelf life. Beef – In India (especially North India), don’t even think about it? We are not rich to eat mutton every day too. We are waiting for future research telling its “better not to eat anything as everything is poisoning our body”. With regard to antibiotics, its told that we are taking poison to get rid of effects of consumed poison.

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