Recruiting power of Private Agencies as per New Government Order September 12 2017

private agencies new change recruitment policy september 2017As per new government order updated on September 12 2017, any Indian Registered Agent (State or Private)would be allowed only through a country specific order from the Ministry of External Affairs, for which necessary changes are being incorporated in the online e Migrate system. This doesn’t mean any registered agent can simply directly recruit to a any of these ECR countries. Detailed procedure for recruitment of nurses by a foreign employer through a Registered agent is given below

Steps for Recruiting Agents to recruit nurses for a foreign employer

1. Foreign employer (hospital/clinic) has to register with the e migrate system of Govt of India.

2. Foreign employer raises the demand in e Migrate and selects agent through whom he wishes to recruit.

3. Recruiting agents acknowledges the demand online (government/private)

4. Both Foreign Employer and Registered agent gives the consent/undertaking online to follow the additional safeguards for recruitment of nurses.

5. Ministry of external affairs scrutinized the request throuth e Migrate system and if found satisfactory issue a country specific order for recruitment of Nurses for the specific foreign employer and the recruiting agents.

5. Registered Agents undertakes the recruitment process.

6. Registered agents completes the formalities for Emigration Clearence.

7. Nurses proceeds for destination country and Bol facilitates their departure on the basis of data recieved by them from emigrate system.

Note – More updates are yet to come on the recuitment process.

So its clear that no unauthorized recruiting agents can recruit directly to any of these ECR countries. This still requires a complex process. Only difference from this court order is that both Government agencies like Norka Roots, ODEPC, OMCL Tamil Nadu etc as well as private agencies can conduct recruitment.

The interesting point is that same procedure was happening in the last year too without this order as agencies like Jerry Varghese, Jesseena, Habsons, GUlfshield etc recruited Indian nurses to different gulf countries through country specific order.

Some medias misinterpreted and highlighted this news like any agents can recruit directly to any foreign country in whatever way they want. As per this order it is not the scenario which is present now.

The only thing is this government order came in pursuance with the order of honorable high court of Delhi issued on August 10 2017.

Note – It is expected that there will be some change in the stringent norms for emigration clearence (issued by POE) for nurses to go to 17 ECR Countries in accordance with this new order.

Important – Don’t get fooled by unauthorized recruitment agents who are taking advantage of this order and fooling nurses in the name of recruitment. Don’t apply to any agents who doesn’t even have a website, not registered with MOEA as well as their email id doesn’t contain their company name (not simply gmail id’s)

Hopes this article throws some information regarding new change that has happened recently in the field of nurses recruitment to 17 ECR Countries.

The detailed Government order on this regard – govt order

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