Problems and their reasons in pregnancy

Some common problems that pregnant women are facing and their possible cause whether physical or hormonal is listed here with possible remedies…..Hopes its useful

Nausea or morning sickness – Incereased prodn of HCG

Physiological anemia – Increased RBC level by 30% causes decrease in Hct value

Palpitations or breathing difficulty – Pressure applied by uterus on diaphram

Supine hypotension – due to compression of superior venacava by enlarging uterus

Vericosis, Oedema of legs – Due to compression of blood vessels by enlarging uterus

Back pain – due to lordosis

Nasal congestion or epistaxis – increased estrogen levels

Heart burn and gastric reflux – due to delayed emptying of stomach and increased pressure of uterus

Constipation and flatulence – decreased peristalsis, increased pressure by uterus

Increased urinary frequency – Pressure on bladder by enlarging uterus

Chloasma, Linea Nigra, Striae gravidarum, Enlarged Mont gomery follicles – Pregnancy related integumentary changes

Leg cramps – Due to hypocalcemia and pressure of uterus on pelvic nerves

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