Fraudulent experience certificates caught by Dataflow

Faudulent experience certificate caught by DataflowRecently we have been hearing a lot of fraudulent experience certificate cases in nursing sector from Gulf. Why the number has suddenly increased? Do you have any idea? This is because of introduction of Dataflow in license applications. Read more ›

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How to get rid of chemicals on fruits and vegetables?

Chemicals on fruits and vegetablesNo body wants to eat poison. But we are forced to eat while we are eating fruits and vegetables bought from market. Is there any method by which you can remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables? Have you ever thought of it? Read more ›

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KNMC Registration guidelines for various documents

KNMC Registration GuidelinesIf you are a registered nurse in Kerala, you might require different certificates from KNMC – Kerala nurses and midwives council for different purposes. What all are the documents to be produced to get different certificates from KNMC? Keep reading for more information on KNMC registration guidelines. Read more ›

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Research Reveals – Is eating antibiotic chicken safe in India?

antibiotic chicken safe or notEating antibiotic chicken in India – Is it safe or not? This is a hot topic of discussion in the recent years. Its time to revive our opinions based on new studies conducted on Indian Poultry. Read more ›

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IELTS Academic Band 7 Tips from a Test Taker 2017

IELTS Acdemic Band 7 ScoreIELTS is International English Language Testing System. IELTS is one of the mandatory requirements for a nurse if he/she is planning to migrate to an European Country/Canada/Australia. IELTS Academic is considered as a tough one and many people even hesitate to take IELTS and go for OET – Occupational English Test. I am sharing in this blog post about how to tackle IELTS Academic Test and get a good result. Read more ›

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Authorized Recruitment Agencies for Nurses to Saudi Arabia August 2017

Recruitment Agencies KSA 2017Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India has issued permission to 11 recruitment agencies to recruit to 18 hospitals in Saudi Arabia. The permission to recruit is upto November 30 2017. More details are given below. Read more ›

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Authorized recruiting agencies to Gulf Countries July 2017

Authorized recruiting agencies to Gulf Countries July 2017There are lot of recruitment scams going around in the field of nursing recruitment. Who all are the recognised agencies? Whether only Norka roots, ODEPC and OMCL Tamil Nadu are the only permitted nurse recruiters? This article will answer all your queries. Read more ›

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Ban of 457 visa in Australia – What Nurses needs to know?

457 visa ban australia 2017

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia on April 19th 2017 declared a ban on 457 visa category and replaced it with a new temporary visa. Will this be affecting nursing job opportunities in Australia? Continue reading to know more. Read more ›

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Govt of India authorized recruiters to 16 ECR Countries 2017

16 ecr countries-govt authorized agencies-2017Since 2015, Government of India has authorized six agencies owned by different state governments to recruit nurses to 16 ECR Countries (ECR – Emmigration Check Required). But sometimes we also have seen Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt of India giving special permission to certain agencies for recruiting to Saudi Arabia (as in January 2016) as well as recruitment to Oman MOH via Gulf Shield Tours and Travels in March 2017. Here we are giving information about Government of India authorized six agencies which are owned by their respective state governments and their current status. Read more ›

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Body signals that points to Cancer Diagnosis

cancer signs leading to cancer diagnosisDo you have a doubt that some form of cancer is developing inside you? These signals listed in this article may help you to detect if there is something that you need to be actually worried or taken care of. Cancer is indeed a dreaded disease. But early detection and treatment is the best method possible to prevent cancer from killling you. Read more ›

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Sijo Cherian – Nurse in Dubai got Featured in Media for his Innovations

Sijo Cherian

Sijo Cherian,  a 28 year old nurse from Kottayam was featured on Khaleej times on March 09 2017 for the outstanding innovations that he is a part of. He has been working for Dubai Health Authority for more than three years now. Read more ›

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Top 5 countries paying highest salaries to registered nurses

highest salaries for registered nursesWhich are the top five countries that are paying highest salaries to nurses? Have you ever thought of it. We are giving you information based on statistics in 2015 – 2016.

Here we are talking about highest paying countries for Registered Nurses alone. Not regarding Nurse assistant or Licensed Practioner Nurse. There are different criterias for nurses to get registered nurse jobs in different countries. Read more ›

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Conversion of DHA to HAAD License – Detailed procedure explained

conversion of dha to haad license

Many of us know that in United Arab Emirates license for all health care professionals are unified. This means that if you have HAAD/DHA/MOH you can practice any where within UAE. But interesting part is some of us are not aware of ‘conversion of  DHA to HAAD license. The information in internet is also little vague. After reading this detailed article you will be able to know the procedure of transferring one license to another. Read more ›

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Authorized Agencies for recruitment to Saudi Arabia (Govt Order) 2016

RECRUITMENT AGENCIES FOR SAUDI MOH 2016We all know that there are a lot of ongoing nursing recruitment scams to Saudi Arabia. Many new agencies are coming with fresh flyers stating an email to send your new CVS. But are all these recruitment agents are government Authorized Agencies? Read more ›

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10 benefits of being a Central Govt Staff Nurse

10-benefits-of-being-a-central-govt-nurseAll of us know that nurses working in a central govt setup is getting a decent amount as salary. But some of us even central govt staff nurses don’t know some exciting benefits that their job is providing them. Here we are trying to explain some of them, which most of us won’t be knowing… Read more ›

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