Nursing Registration in Malta (Malta migration with IELTS 6.0)

nursing registration MaltaNowadays, lots of nurses are going to Malta to pursue their nursing career. Is it a safe option? Recruiters will be asking around Rs. 5 – 6 Lakhs/person for the full process. Yes required IELTS score is now six and after registering with Nursing council of Malta, only verification of documents is required for registering with Nurses and Midwifery council, UK. This is because Malta comes under European Union. So before you decide to go to Malta, we will see in detail about the qualification and experience requirements for working as a registered nurse in Malta. Even if you don’t register with Malta Nursing Council, you still can work as a home care nurse with less salary.

How to become a registered nurse in Malta (for Non European Nurses)?

These guidelines explain the process and requirements of registration of nurses domiciled in non-Member States with the Council for Nurses and midwives (NCM) of Malta, as First Level Nurses in terms of Chapter 464 of the Laws of Malta.

Requirements for registration with Malta Nursing Council

1. Applicants shall have successfully completed at least a three-yea study period comprising at least four thousand and six hundred (4,600) hours in topics specifically mentioned in Article 2 hereunder,of which at least one-third (⅓) should be theoretical training and at least one half (₁⁄₂) clinical training.

2. The topics covered by most of the Unviersities in India are in accordance with the guidelines of Malta Nursing Council.

3. The applicant shall provide a recent police conduct certificate/report which should show that s/he has a clean conduct and at least one reference showing that applicant is of good moral character.

4. Verifiction certificate of current registration and good standing from the original registering body/competent authority, issued not earlier than three months prior to the date of application.

5. Applicants should be legally entitled or authorized to work in Malta.

6. Applicants shall have good communication skills in at least the English language, wherein both the verbal and the written skills are a must.

7. Applicants must apply for registration by means CNM’s latest Application Form.

8. Documents submitted must be either in Maltese or in English. Documents in any other language shall be presented together with a duly authenticated translation in the Maltese or English language. Documents to be submitted shall include:

a) Completed Application Form with a passport-size photograph;

b) A transcript of nursing studies endorsed by the education authority where studies were carried out. The transcript must clearly explain the number of hours followed in theory and practice including a breakdown in the different topics as
Council for Nurses and Midwives of Malta 3 explained in note No. 2;

c) A police conduct certificate issued not earlier than threemonths prior to the submission of the application;

d) A birth certificate

e) Reference documents indicating the periods during which the applicant has practiced the profession. (If an applicant has performed duties in more than one hospital and/or home, a document for each period should be submitted.)

f) The Degree or Diploma certificate of the study course undertaken;

g) An authenticated copy of the passport or the identity card of the applicant;

h) The applicant’s Europass curriculum vitae;

i) A verification certificate of current registration and good standing issued by the original registering body/competent authority, issued not earlier than three months prior to the application date;

j) Receipt of the relevant fee. (Vide Section Two for the Method of Payment);

k) An International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate, with a result showing an average score of 5.5;

l) It is the responsibility of applicants in possession of qualifications awarded by foreign universities to produce a recognition statement on comparability of qualifications issued by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) , within the Ministry of Education and Employment, which statement should be submitted with the application. An MQF Level Rating of less than Level 5, will not be considered as valid by the Council. Applications which do not contain a full set of documents together with the prescribed Form duly filled in, as above indicated, shall not be processed. Copies of any documents submitted must be authenticated by a legal person i.e. a lawyer or a notary public.

9. Should an applicant be requested, during the assessment of his/her application, to submit further documents and fails to comply within three months from the date such documents have been requested, it is normal practice for the relative application not to be considered further.

10. Once the application, together with the requested documents, is submitted to the office of the Council, it will be forwarded for the consideration of the designated committee, who will in turn report their recommendations to the Council.

11. The Council will only communicate with the person submitting an
Council for Nurses and Midwives of Malta 4 application. No information will be divulged to third parties, including agencies.

12. It is recommended that all applicants will be subjected to a twomonthadaptation/orientation period. Such courses will be organizedby the office of the Council and applicants will be subject to a fee asdecided by the Council.

Fees for Registration

Nurses from non-EU countries wanting to work in Malta will have to fork out about €600 to be registered, according to a new legal notice. Issued last week, the legal notice enables nurses and midwives defined as third country nationals to work in Malta provided they follow a compulsory adaptation course and sit for an examination, which will cost €400. They must also pay an additional fee of €192.50 to submit an application to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Their colleagues from EU countries will only have to pay €13.20 to apply for registration.

Adaptation Course

The adaptation course is being offered by the university and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and will have a duration of six months. Nurses would only be able to apply for registration after completing the course.

Migration to other countries (UK) after registration

Yes, You can migrate to UK after successful registration with Malta Nursing Council. You can read more about this at NMC Website


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