How to migrate as a nurse to United Kingdom?

uk migration nurses registration cbt osce imageIn this article, we are discussing about how to migrate to United Kingdom or Great Britain as a registered nurse? Nurses working in NHS Trusts of UK are earning around 2.2 Lakhs per month. They can earn around one lakh per month from private duties too.

Nurses migration to United Kingdom

Nurses and Midwifery Council or N.M.C is the registration authority in United Kingdom. In order to register with N.M.C, what all things are needed? Lets see it one by one.

    • First of all after completion of your Diploma or Degree in Nursing, you need to have one year registered experience in clinical field.
    • Next you need to appear for an English language test like I.E.L.T.S or O.E.T. You ought to have a seven band in IELTS Academic for all the four modules of the exam that is listening, reading, writing(now reduced to 6.5) and speaking. You can acquire this score in a maximum of two sittings but remember that your score for any of these modules should not be less than 6.5 (Except for writing, it can be a 6.0 and 6.5) in both sittings. Or else you can write O.E.T exam and should have a ‘b’ level in all the modules.
    • After successful completion of your language exam, you can start the N.M.C registration. In due course you need to pay around twelve thousand rupees for your Computer Based Test exam. You can write this exam in any of the Pearson vue centers all over India.

  • After passing CBT exam you need to send some verification forms from your college, nursing councils etc along with uploading of certain certificates.
  • Further your NMC application is evaluated after paying an amount equivalent to twelve thousand Indian rupees and you can apply for sponsorship from any of the NHS Trust.
  • You will be issued a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) and an Accomodation letter from NHS trust which is sponsoring you.
  • You have to undergo a TB Chest X ray in any of the UK Immigration approved centers across India.
  • Application for visa is via VFS Centers, payment for visa including ticket and NHS Surcharge will come around 1.35 lacs. Good agencies like CPL, KCR etc will pay this amount themselves. Others make you pay this amount, but will return all the costs from NHS Trust, once you reach in UK>
  • You need to scan all your certificates, TB Clearance certificate, COS, Accomodation letter etc at a VFS Global center to process your application.
  • Next is the Objective Structured Clinical Examination or O.S.C.E which you need to attempt after getting to UK. You will be arriving in UK with a designation of Senior Health Care Assistant (Changed to Senior Clinical Support Worker – CSW).
  • After completion of O.S.C.E, you will be given an NMC pin number or registration with which you can practice as a registered nurse in United Kingdom. If you fail in first attempt, you can resit within 10 days after your first attempt. If you fails again, you need to wait for another 3 months for appearing OSCE again. If you fail in third time (it won’t generally happen) you need to return to the home country.
  • Usually OSCE fees for first attempt (794 pounds) is paid by your trust and you need to pay if you need to appear for further attempts. If you fail for any one or two part of OSCE, you can resit for the same by paying an amount equivalent to 394 pounds. But if you fail for more than 2 parts in OSCE, you need to sit for the whole OSCE again by paying the full amount.
  • All of the trusts are now training very well their candidates for OSCE Exam.
  • The official pass percentage of O.S.C.E and CBT exam given in NMC Website.

Hopes this information is useful to someone who is planning a career abroad in UK.

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