Migrate to Canada as a registered nurse

Migrate-to-Canada-as-a-NurseIn this article, we will discuss about migrating to Canada as a registered nurse or RN. Registered Nurses have a salary of around three – four lakh per month.

Migrate to Canada as a Registered Nurse

Please not that we are discussing only about becoming an RN not an RPN which is a registered practical nurse. It doesnt matter whether you are GNM or BSc Nursing for canadada migration. Lets see the steps one by one.

    • First of all you have to clear IELTS Academic with Listening – 7.5, Writing – 7, Reading – 7 and Speaking – 7.
    • After clearing IELTS you are eligible to apply for NNAS Assessment. NNAS is National Nursing Assessment Service. Fees for this assessment alone is around 30000 rupees. In this assessment, you will be asked about the province you are planning to move to as well as whether you are planning for only RN registration or RPN registration or both.
    • As a result of this assessment you will get an eligibility letter to write the NCLEX – RN exam. As a matter of fact, for many nurses applying from India especially Kerala they are asking for a course of short duration or OSCE exam at Canada, before giving eligibility to write NCLEX – RN exam.

  • If you succeeds in getting eligibility letter for writing NCLEX – RN, you can do so in Pearson Vue centers across the world including India and can apply for a job in any Canadian hospital in your province.
  • After you clears NCLEX RN you will become an RN in Canada. After this you can apply for jobs available in various hospital located in the province you have given in the application.
  • If you gets the job, you can migrate with sponsorship to Canada.
  • To make the migration process fast after you are clearing IELTS Academic with required score, you can also write an IELTS General exam to fasten the process of migration. Please not that both these processes are entirely different. Migration procedure will be carried out under IELTS General exam scores which is comparitively easy when compared to IELTS Academic exam. But for getting a job as a RN, you deifinitely need to pass the NCLEX RN exam.

There are 10 states in Canada out of which only Qubec state has a different law regarding job of nurses

For Qubec Migration
· Presently from India, you can apply only for Qubec Skilled Workers Program only (QSW)
· 2 year experienced GNM/BSc Nurses can apply
· French language proficiency is required to work in Qubec
· IELTS (overall 5) required
· Points will be calculated on basis of work experience and Higher qualifications. If you have got required points, you can register in QSW. Within two and half years you can migrate to Qubec with whole family
· After reaching Qubec, QIIM to be passed. Till you are not passing this test, you can work only as an Asst. Nurse or Care nurse only

Express Entry to Canada
· From January 1st 2015, remaining states have introduced EXPRESS ENTRY for recruitment
· You cannot apply directly to this pool from India. This new recruitment policy is beneficial for those who have been already there or those who have reached there (in student visa and all) and passed NCLEX RN exam there. In less amount and < 6 months you will get PR in this new EXPRESS ENTRY Scheme

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