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In order to prevent the exploitation of Indian workers who fall for fake job postings or to unscrupulous agencies, the

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First international journey to any country is a night mare to many of the nurses. What all things we keep

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This article is for those who are planning to migrate to European countries, Australia, USA etc with family. Its often

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If you are going to any country outside India, for visa and immigration purposes, you need to take Police Clearance

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From 2017 onwards both IDP Education and British Council has introduced “Computer Delivered IELTS” in India. Its available for both

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UKVI IELTS – All of us know about IELTS which is International English Language Testing System as well as Occupational

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Nowadays, lots of nurses are going to Malta to pursue their nursing career. Is it a safe option? Recruiters will

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Many nurses are now thinking about unconventional fields after bsc nursing rather than going for Msc Nursing. For those nurses

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Medical professionals especially doctors and nurses are the people who seeks various antibiotics for even simple ailments. Do you know

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Hello everyone, For migration and employment as a nurse to other countries especially European countries, you may need to provide

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Once you complete IELTS or oet exam and you are planning to go to Europe, this is the first question

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In this article, we will discuss about migrating to Canada as a registered nurse or RN. Registered Nurses have a

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In this article, we are discussing about how to migrate to United Kingdom or Great Britain as a registered nurse?

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So many confusions are around regarding getting Good Standing Certificate/verification from Karnataka Nursing Council, since they have introduced new online

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Widespread rumours have been spreading in the name of Nipah Virus Infection. As nurses, we need to know the legitimate

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