Know about HAAD, DHA, MOH exams of UAE, How can you apply?, Are you eligible?

haad moh dha examHAAD, DHA, MOH, SCH Qatar, Oman Prometric, Saudi MOH etc. etc. there are a lot of things that nurturing nurses are confused about. What are these exams about?. How these exams would help in getting a job in those countries? Am I qualified enough to write these exams? All these questions will be answered in this series of articles by

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Healthcare Authority of Abu Dhabi is the regulatory body of health care sector in Emirates of Abu Dhabi. HAAD exam is applicable for Doctors, Nurses and allied Health Professionals.

For qualifying for HAAD involves following 3 processes I e

1. Primary Source Verification
Authenticity of educational institution is checked in this process with the help of dataflow group (explained later). One verified dataflow report is needed to complete the licensure procedure

2. Credentialing
After PSV, next step is credentialing. Credentialised according to HAAD Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR). For Nurses it is either GNM/ BSc Nursing with a minimum of 2 year experience, valid registration in the country of study and a BLS/ACLS certificate. In Credentialing comprehensive documents which sets out the stds of education, qualification, training and professional experience In specific categories is verified. A gap of more than 2 years in clinical experience is not allowed.

3. Assessment Exam
Assessment exam is usually conducted in oral + computer based for registered nurse.
About Facility Sponsorship Requirement – Though individual may start and complete 3 essential components of licensure procedure, without sponsorship I e job offer, final license will not be issued.
Security Clearance (CID) – Final step in the process of getting licensure
Total fees for HAAD will come around 1000AED including verification charges by dataflow group.

For applying for HAAD, follow these steps

1. Visit
2. Click on e-services
3. Go to data flow under healthcare professionals
4. Click on dataflow process
5. Sign up as an individual – Select iam an applicant, get username and password after signing up
6. Read the instructions
7. Fill the details in all sections
8. Scan and upload the required documents
9. Select mode of payment – Cash or Credit
10. Submit
11. Confirmatory email will be received containing applicants details, dataflow and HAAD references

Once credentialing has been done and approved by HAAD, Pearson VUE will email a username and password to you within 48 hours that you may use to schedule your examination date. After scheduling your exam, you will receive a booking confirmation by email within 48 hours for the date and location that you will sit the exam

About dataflow group – By integrating DataFlow’s services into their credentialing process, recruiters increase the integrity of their internal screening programs. Dataflow will identify fraudsters and unwanted professionals by verifying their qualifications and checking individuals against proprietary databases and international watch lists. For more details view website ie

Note – By a new rule in UAE, HAAD/MOH/DHA all licenses will be considered equivalent to each other for working as a health professional in UAE. But you have to pay an additional fee for transferring verification report from dataflow group to the new licensing authority.


Dubai Health Authority is the regulatory council regarding health care matters in Dubai. DHA is required to be cleared by nurses who wish to work in Dubai for a period of more than 2 years. Please note, your salary will considerably increase if you have a DHA licensure in hand.

DHA is either computer based / oral assessment test. DHA is valid for an year from the date of licensing. Test is done in English Language. A candidate will have 3 attempts to pass DHA, If more chance is required, they will have to obtain additional DHA recognized certificate to appear for exam.
HRD gives Eligibility ID (EID) after completing primary source verification and Credentialing process (same as HAAD).

This EID is required to complete examination scheduling process in prometric website.

The website for prometric exam is You can choose suitable centre near your place by verifying your pin code.

Rescheduling of exam is possible before 5 calendar days by calling Prometric regional contact centre

You will have to produce a valid passport at the test center

70 mcq questions for 2 hrs will be the test.

60% mark is required to pass DHA exam

For further information visit –

Steps for applying for DHA
1. Visit
2. Click on licensing services
3. Read DHA instructions and click on Sheryan
4. Register, complete the online application form, pay the DHA fee and Submit
5. After this process, application will be checked and reviewed by DHA Health Regulation Department
6. Approved applicants will be moved to dataflow
7. Within 2 days you will receive email from dataflow group
8. Visit the link appearing in Dataflow email and make the payment for dataflow group (700AED for Nurses)
9. Upon completion of verification, Dataflow will update DHA portal with Primary Source Verification Result

You can track the verification process at dataflow website.

Note – Note – By a new rule in UAE, HAAD/MOH/DHA all licenses will be considered equivalent to each other for working as a health professional in UAE. But you have to pay an additional fee for transferring verification report from dataflow group to the new licensing authority.

MOH of UAE is for Physicians and technicians

So essentially there are two websites other than DHA/ HAAD websites that are mentioned in this article. They are Prometric Website and Dataflow Website

Dataflow Website ( ) – Dataflow evaluates your uploaded certificates and give verification report to concerned authority. You can also transfer your one verified report for another licensure by payment of another fee.

Prometric Website ( ) – Prometric conducts the computer test/oral test for DHA. You can schedule/reschedule/cancel your test.

Pearson Website ( )- Pearson Website schedules your HAAD Exam in India. After credentialing process of HAAD application, you can schedule your test at pearson website.

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