How to obtain Police Clearance Certificate for Nurses?

police clearance certificate or PCC for nursesIf you are going to any country outside India, for visa and immigration purposes, you need to take Police Clearance Certificate or PCC. In this articles we will provide you with more information about getting PCC for Indian Nurses.

Police Clearance Certificate or PCC for Indian Nurses

As nurses you will be working or would have worked in many hospitals through out India. You must provide PCC from the last place you worked or stayed for more than six months. If its less than six months, you have to produce PCC from a place you have stayed for a minimum of six months before that.

How PCC is granted?

PCC is granted from Passport office only. But the procedure is through police stations and commissioners office.

What time will take for PCC issuance?

Before few months, you could have got your PCC directly from Passport office (wherever you are applying) within 45 minutes after getting an appointment. But now if your present adress is different from the address shown in your passport, you will have to wait for 2 – 3 weeks to get your PCC issued. But if you are applying from the area where your current adress is same (for eg. village located in a taluk where the Passport seva kendra is located) you will get the PCC same day within 45 minutes.

Is there any difference in PCCs obtained from place to place?

No,PCC is the same whether issued at your home place or your working place.

What is the validity of PCC?

Actually in your PCC or Police Clearance Certificate, validity is not mentioned at all. But generally PCC is considered to be valid for a period of six months.

What is the procedure for applying for PCC?

Steps in detail

First you have to register as a new user at the following address –

2. Please select RPO or Regional Passport Office in the area where you are planning to take an appointment. For eg. if you are planning for an appointment at Aluva, you have to chose your RPO as Cochin. IF you are planning for appoinmnet at PSK Lalbagh, you have to choose your RPO as Bengaluru.

3. Activate your account by clicking the mail recieved in your Email inbox.

4. Please input all details and specify country to which you are planning to go. PCC will be issued in relation to one country only. For eg. if you are applying for PCC to go to UK, you will be given PCC for United Kingdom and Northern Ireland only.

5. After rechecking your inputs, please submit application and take an appointment on the date convenient to you.

6. You have to pay Rs. 500 for your appointment at PSK chosen by you.

7. On taking appointment, you will be given an appointment time as well as batch number. You will be entering PSK according to this time and batch number.

8. While at PSK on your appointment time, you will be asked to fill a form at the reception.

Documents you should carry to PSK

  • Your original passport with a photocopy
  • Copy of Residential Proof (Rental Agreement if address is different as passport/Ration Card if address is same as of passport)
  • Adhar Card Copy

9. From the reception, you will be given an appointment number and will be sent to Counter A where your personal details will be counter checked and your biometrics will be taken.(This is done by TCS officials)

10. From counter A, you will be sent to counter B where a Junior superintendent from Passport Authority of India will verify your documents and will be forwarded to Counter C.

11. At counter C, your documents will be checked by a senior supereintendent and you will be granted your PCC. You will get two copies of your PCC immediately if your current address is same as that of your Passport address. Otherwise you will be told that you will get an email once you get a clear verification from your concerned police station (You can collect your PCC that time from the same PSK with which you applied. It will take approximately 2 – 3 weeks)

What can you do to get your PCC faster if your current address is not same as that of Passport address?

You should go to your concerned police station first. There you have to show your acknowledgment receipt. They will take your photo and signature and will forward it to commissioner office. You have to go to commissioner office secretariate and tell that you need your PCC immediately and request them to forward it fast. You hae to show your file number in the acknowledgement reciept. Next, you have to go to the psk where you have applied for your PCC. You have to tell in the reception, clearly that clear verification has been forwarded from concerned commissioner office and ask them to check details with reference to your file number. Believe me, you will get your PCC immediately without any delay.

Hopes this information is useful for somebody who is undergoing the procedures of visa and immigration to a foreign country.

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Police Clearance Certificate or PCC for Indian Nurses
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Police Clearance Certificate or PCC for Indian Nurses
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