Fraudulent experience certificates caught by Dataflow

Faudulent experience certificate caught by DataflowRecently we have been hearing a lot of fraudulent experience certificate cases in nursing sector from Gulf. Why the number has suddenly increased? Do you have any idea? This is because of introduction of Dataflow in license applications.

Fraudulent experience certificates caught by Dataflow

Dataflow is world’s leading provider of immigration compliance and background services. Their hands extend from governments to regulators and even 500 fortune companies. Dataflow helps these organisations to identify fake degrees, employment ceritifcates, practice licenses, passports and even work permits too. This ensures organisation that hired employees are legitimate and qualified to work for them.

Dataflow group is a technology driven research process supported by an international network of 33000 issuing authorities and 500 highly qualified Dataflow researchers and experts operating from their 11 offices located in middle east and APAC regions.

Started in 2006, Dataflow group has grown to provide client-tailored services in more than 175 countries spanning Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

For example just take the list of following health authorities which use Dataflow to initiate license application,

1)Health Authority Abu Dhabi(HAAD)…UAE
2) Dubai Health Authority(DHA) …UAE
3) Ministry Of Health UAE(MOH) …UAE
4) Ministry of Manpower Singapore …Singapore
5) Qatar council for Healthcare practitioners …Qatar
6) Saudi commission for health specialties … Saudi Arabia
7) Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) … Oman.
8) National Health Regulatory Authority, Bahrain

and counting!!!

You can see more clients and their testimonials here –

Now the scene is clear. You might have got the reason behind jailed nurses because of fake experience certificates, degrees, diplomas etc in Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc.

Beware, since all these prominent gulf countries are starting their license application via dataflow, Once you have failed this process means you cannot find another job in same country or other dataflow partnered countries.

Its also advised that its not a good thing to have a gap of more than 6 months in between experience certificates.

Hopes this informative article helped you or your friend in figuring out stringent licensing procedure rules enforced in Gulf countries.

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