E Recruitment Nursing Job in Middle East Countries – A Reality Check

e recruitment reality check nursing job in middle eastTo secure a job in any middle east country as a registered nurse, is a very difficult task now. It is not as before. You might have come through many e recruitment advertisements in many of the nursing blogs. If you are following Nurseshere.com, you might have seen that we have reduced the number of online/E recruitment advertisements in our website ie https://www.nurseshere.com. Have you ever thought, why this is happening? Its not because of shortage of e recruitment links. But those job advertisements have been reduced after a reality check by our team. Recently, we happened to see an HR of a reputed hospital in UAE. The fact he has told have opened our eyes. Let me explain that in detail.

E Recruitment advertisement – A reality Check

If you open a website of any reputed hospital in UAE, you can see their career section. You might be seeing the advertisement for staff nurse posts. Most of these are old advertisements which they have forgot to remove. Yes, there are advertisements whose last date is in January 2018 or near. Especially in some hospital website like American Hospital, Mediclinic hospital, Al Zahra Hospital, JHAH, Cleveland Clinic, Medcare Hospital etc. These advertisements can be broadly classified into two

Old Private Hospital Advertisements

These advertisements in some hospital website which they have forgot to remove. Some people pick those and give advertisement on their websites, merely for the purpose of pay per click.

New Private Hospital Advertisements

Most of these hospitals prefer nurses from their immediate locality. For eg. they may ask for Indian Nurses, but they are looking for those nurses from India, residing in their country and who has passed all the necessary exams to practice as nurse in that particular country. If you are atleast in a visit visa (after clearing all exams) you can try for a job. But these jobs are not for anybody who are residing in India and applying for a job from India. In that case, you have a very low chance of getting that job.

Some of these hospitals like American Hospital, Dubai is looking for western trained nurses not Indian Nurses (In career portal). Yes, nurses from countries like UK are working in Dubai with double salary in those hospitals. These jobs are reserved for them not for Indian nurses from India. Indian nurses from UK can apply for these jobs.

Some other hospitals are looking for Arabic speaking nurses who have UAE Experience. In that case, nurses with Arabic knowledge residing in UAE can apply for those posts.

Government Job Portals

If you are applying for a job in dubai and you have passed DHA with completed dataflow, you can apply at dha careers portal. This is possible even if you are residing from India.

Same is the case with SEHA Website (seha.ae) which recruits for many of the government hospitals in UAE.

But if you are planning for Qatar, things are bit different. Even if you apply at careers section of hamad.qa, i surely doubt whether they are scrutinizing those applications. There are people from India, who has cleared Qatar Prometric and has been trying this for a long time with no positive results.

Regarding Saudi Arabia government hospitals like KFSH Riyadh, better not waste your valuable time as most of the posts in these hospitals are filled by agency recruitments or local recruitments via walk in interviews.

Agency Recruitment

After the recent amendment of emigration rule by MOEA in October 2017, many agencies have come forward to recruit to many countries. This is giving a hope for nurses who plan to work in middle east countries. The foreign employer must register with E migrate portal of MOEA, to allow an agent to recruit nurses on their behalf. According to Govt of India, Agency fee should not be more than Rs. 20000/person. No clarity regarding how agencies are manipulating this fee amount. There are recruitment happening to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Jordan, Qatar etc via many genuine agencies.

Hurdles preventing E Recruitments

1. Foreign Employer must register in E migrate portal for recruiting nurses from India.

2. If somehow you have secured a job via E Recruitment, Emigration clearence from POEA is practically not possible.

3. Nithaqat (giving job for their citizens first) is gaining popularity among all middle east countries.

In this scenario, please don’t respond to any foreign E recruitment advertisements shared by different people.

For BSc Nurses

If you want to work as nurse in a Middle east country, have a minimum experience of 2 – 3 years in a specific area after registration. Then pass the concerned exam first ie DHA, HAAD, MOH, Prometric etc and start your dataflow procedure (if any). Then try for a visit visa in the country you want to work with. Secure a job by attending a walk in or trying in personal. Come back to India or travel to a neighboring country, change your visa and start practicing as a nurse. Its not easy as told unless you don’t have a support system abroad.

For GNM Nurses

Many of the foreign employers in middle east are asking 3-5 years experience for GNM candidates. Some government hospitals in Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc are only taking BSc Nursing candidates. After completing your GNM and gaining the required experience, procedure is same as told above for BSc Nurses.

Or else you can try for a job opportunity with government agencies like NORKA ROOTS, ODEPC, UPFC, OMC Manpower etc or with leading genuine recruiters (private agencies) from India.

This article is purely made up on experience that nurseshere.com have in the past five years of blogging. User discretion is expected.

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