Drugs that can interact with immediate outcome of surgery….Just a review

Hello nurses, some of you will be working in Operation Theaters, ICUs, Preoperative and Postoperative wards etc concerned with the surgery department. You may be seeing the patient immediately before surgery/after the surgery. Sometimes you may be the nurse who shifts the patient to Operation Room. Through this article you will be able to understand what are the possible effects by the above mentioned drugs before/during/after the surgery. Hopes this is a useful one. Don’t forget to share with your collegues….So lets see the effects with each of these drugs,

Antibiotics – Potentiates the action of anesthetic agents

Anticholinergics – Increase the potential for confusion after surger

Anticoagulants – Increases the risk of hemorrhaging

Anticonvulsants – Alter the metabolism of anesthetic agents

Antidepressants – Lowers blood pressure during anesthesia

Antidysrhytnmics- Reduce Cardiac contractility and impair cardiac conduction during anesthesia

Antihypertensives – Interacts with anesthetic agents and cause bradycardia, hypotension and impaired circulation

Corticosteroids – Causes adrenal atrophy and reduce the ability of body to withstand stress

Diuretics – Potentiates electrolyte imbalances after surgery

Herbal Substances – Causes  variety of advese effects during anesthesia

Insulin – Dosage can be decreased in post operative period as clients nutritional need is decreased or client may feel increased stress which along with administration of glucose agents can lead to increased dosage of insulin

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