Conversion of DHA to HAAD License – Detailed procedure explained

conversion of dha to haad license

Many of us know that in United Arab Emirates license for all health care professionals are unified. This means that if you have HAAD/DHA/MOH you can practice any where within UAE. But interesting part is some of us are not aware of ‘conversion of  DHA to HAAD license. The information in internet is also little vague. After reading this detailed article you will be able to know the procedure of transferring one license to another.

The transfer of DHA to HAAD license is more popular because HAAD is considered to tougher exam than DHA and hence most of the people tend to appear for DHA and then will convert it into HAAD license.

Hopes this is useful for all medical professionals including Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists etc. Because the procedure is more or less the same.

One common question that arises here is whether we can convert DHA eligibility letter to HAAD license?

The answer is a big NO. This is because DHA Eligibility letter is a proof of passing the exam not the main license. The main license will be given only when you are get a sponsor or employer that will sponsor you and passed the verification (DHA Datflow) procedure.

How to transfer DHA License to HAAD License?

First of all you should have a valid job and should be practicing that for last six months.

Second and one of the most important thing that should be in your hand before you proceed is a good standing certificate from Dubai Health Authority – DHA.

In normal case Good Standing Certificate – GSC can be obtained in 15 days of applying after paying AED 520/-.

In case of emergency GSC can be obtained within 5 days of applying after paying a sum of AED 1020/-.

More details regarding procedure for obtaining GSC can be read here – Click Here

With reference to HAAD Website – Good standing certificate of DHA will have a validity of only 6 months.

When the GSC is ready you can start the process of converting your DHA license to HAAD in the following manner,

1. Create account on Data Flow HAAD section ( Fill up the profile and upload all necessary documents required.

2. You should have your data flow report from DHA which is available in DHA account under the section of PSV. If you don’t have this report you can always request it by sending an email to

3. If you don’t have any sponsor upto now you can simply put in self-applicant. Process will be quite simple if you have you have a sponsor at this stage.

4. Now you should expect a Payment notification from HAAD Data Flow from the email id – As you have PSV report with you already, you can send them back your PSV report to their email and wait for the next step

5. As a next step HAAD will send you an email from with your login details and direct link to HAAD website. Now login with the details sent to you into the online HAAD portal. Now upload and fill up again all necessary documents needed. Wait for their email or you can always check the status of application submitted in your HAAD account.

NOTE – Acoording to HAAD website – To be eligible for HAAD Exam exemption you should have never sat (failed) for HAAD exam before.
More details regarding requirements for HAAD/DHA licensure can be found out here – Click Here

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So that was about conversion of DHA to HAAD License procedure. If you found this article useful please don’t forget to share with your friends who are in need of it.

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