Computer Delivered IELTS Test Compared to Pen and Paper Based IELTS Test

Computer Delivered IELTSFrom 2017 onwards both IDP Education and British Council has introduced “Computer Delivered IELTS” in India. Its available for both Academic and General versions of IELTS. I recently took Computer Delivered IELTS Academic exam at Chennai on December 08th, 2018. I am sharing my experience with this type of IELTS exam.

Computer Delivered IELTS

First of all, IELTS Academic/General whether it be pen and paper based or Computer delivered, the contents are same. Each includes for modules of writing, reading, listening and speaking. The only thing that matters is your ability to listen as well as your typing speed. We will see each of the sections in detail.


You have to select/click on blank answer spaces and type the answer while you are listening to the test or during the time given during the test for entering your answers. I found it okay in typing the answers and selecting the answer blanks. One benefit is that you can delete your answer by pressing backspace and enter new one immediately. There is no need of erasing with a rubber etc as in pen and paper based IELTS Exam. Only thing you should bear in mind is that you should not be in panic mode. If you panic you will lose your concentration and can make your exam messy. You can mark any answer to review it later while doing your listening test.


Reading of passages should be done on computer screen itself. So if you have some eye irritation on looking at computer screen for long times, i won’t recommend you takin g the computer delivered IELTS Test. Advantages in reading includes that you can highlight areas which you think important and even you can add notes in between. So it will be easy for you to pick and type the write answers. Mix and match questions are very easy by dragging and dropping. You can mark the question number for review if you have any doubt or want to check it later.


I found writing more interesting in Computer delivered IELTS because you can know in real time that how many words you have written in both test 1 and test 2. It helps you to not add extra words. Other option is that you can directly go to Task 2 which carries more marks than Task 1. Other advantage is that you can even delete your typed answer and can type and insert new answer without any mess. If you have a good typing speed, Writing module is very easy in Computer delivered IELTS.


Speaking is same one to one basis by an interviewer and test taker. Speaking date can be on the same day or the day before.


One great advantage is that you will be getting your results within 5 – 7 days of taking your exam which i think is pretty great. But let me remind you, if you are taking Computer Delivered UKVI Academic Test, you will get your result only after 13 days from the exam date and not even through online.


Fees for computer delivered exams is the same as that of Pen and paper based IELTS exam.


Centers available for Computer delivered IELTS Test is limited for time being. But dates are available through out the year which is unlike of Pen and Paper based IELTS. Centers include Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Note – IELTS is an exam which requires good language skills as well as high confidence part from test taker. So i won’t advise you to take Computer delivered IELTS if you doubt on your confidence as well as your typing skills.

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