How to get rid of chemicals on fruits and vegetables?

Chemicals on fruits and vegetablesNo body wants to eat poison. But we are forced to eat while we are eating fruits and vegetables bought from market. Is there any method by which you can remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables? Have you ever thought of it?

Chemicals present on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables might have pesticides, antibiotics, hormones etc. These will help to increase crop production to farmers. Even though these are specifically made to kill agricultural pests, some can cause problems to humans too.

Main category of pesticides include insecticides and fungicides. But there are fungicides and synergists too.

Synergists – They are nothing but chemicals which block the ability of the target organism to break down the pesticide

For each of these chemicals used, there is a minimum time (gap) that should be maintained from spraying to harvesting the produce. But the reality is no body cares to do so.

For eg. DDT – Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane is an insecticide which was used widely in 1940’s. In favourable conditions, DDT’s soil life can vary from 22 days to 30 years.

So, its clear that you cannot expect any fruit/vegetables grown in agricultural industry devoid of chemicals.

In this scenario, the only thing you can do is to try to remove the chemicals from purchased fruits and vegetables.

How can you do this? These are the few methods you can use for the same.

1. Wash thoroughly in Salt Water

Washing of fruits and vegetables thoroughly in 2% of salt water will remove most of the chemicals present on surface of vegetables and fruits.

2. Soak your fruits and vegetables in Vinegar

Soak fruits and vegetables in a solution of 10% white vinegar and 90% water for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly in fresh water.

Calculation – If you are taking 900 ml of water, add 100 ml of vinegar to it. Your vinegar soak solution is ready to use.

You can keep this vinegar soak solution for a maximum of one day .

In the method of ‘Vinegar soak’, there is no tasting vinegar in your fruits and vegetables. Some people just won’t try this method because of the fear of tasting vinegar in fruits.

Hopes this article has thrown insight to you about how much pesticides are there in fruits and vegetables and the method by which you can get rid of these chemicals from harming you.

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