Checking credibility of your Recruiting Agent in midst of Recruitment Scams

Credibility of Recruiting Agent in Midst of Recruitment ScamsMany months back all newspapers have brought out the news that nursing recruitment to 17 ECR countries by private agencies is back. After that we have been seeing so many advertisements for nurses recruitment to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. What is the actual scenario? Is there any scam or fraudulent activities lying behind? How can you check whether your recruiter is genuine or not? This article will give an insight about all these questions that may be arising in your mind.

Is my recruiting agent genuine or not?

There are many methods available to check genuinity of your recruiter. We will discuss in detail about each of them.

1. MOEA Website

The first and foremost is the MOEA (Ministry of External Affairs) website.All foreign recruiting agents have to be registered as a ‘RA’ in MOEA. RA is nothing but a registered agent. If a ‘RA’ has to recruit somebody to an foreign employer, the concerned foreign employer must be registered with e migrate system by govt of India.
There is a list in MOEA website about the legal and active recruiting agents operating in the country (state wise). Also there is a list of illegal recruiting agents who are posing as registered agents and doing fraudulent activities. You can verify your recruiting agent in this list. One thing that recruiting agent can tell you is that he has applied for registration but process is still on the go. He/she cannot recruit unless or until they are registered with MOEA as an authorsied ‘RA’. This is the best and trustworthy method in identifying your recruiter.The two lists along with MOEA website address is given below.

Illegal recruiting agents list March 2018

Legal recruting agents list March 2018

MOEA Website

Ministry of External Affairs Website

2. Email of the agent

There are many facebook and whatsapp scams going on in the name of nursing recruitment.Most of the credible recruiters will have their agency name in the email address after the ‘@’ symbol. For eg.

3. Ask for contact about their previous recruits.

If somebody is insisting you again and again to apply for the job, just ask some contact details of their previous recruits. Call them, if you have somebody abroad,let them have a chat on this recruitment. This again reduces your risk.

4. Migration to Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malta, Italy etc

There is no solid legislation on this behalf and the scenario is such that anybody who knows something about the recruitment process may show up as a recruiter. But unless or until you pass the required exam like IELTS or OET or German langauage etc you cannot start processing. You have to believe the pioneer recruiting agents like Y axis, Jerry varghese, Jesseena, Wiwics etc on this behalf. The genuine agencies will definitely give contact details about whoever they have recruited. Once you start processing, there will be a case worker concerned with your file and they will give answers to all your doubts even if you are in India.

5. Gulf recruitment Scams

Many people are claiming to recruit nurses to Kuwait MOH. But the reality is discussions are still on the go and there are no decisions yet. No private agencies are authorised to recruit to Kuwait MOH. Recently there was a recruitment scam going on around the dates March 21,22,23rd 2018. Somehow if you get into Kuwait and get your MOH exam done, there are vacancies in private hospitals and local recruitments are still ongoing but not from India.

6. Recruitment fees

According to Govt of India norms, no person is liable to pay any amount more that 20000INR for being recruited. So you don’t need to pay more than Rs. 20000 if you are getting recruited to a Gulf Country.

7. Contact the Employer directly

If somebody is telling you that he or she is an authorized recruiter and will be able to recruit to a specific hospital in any gulf country, just ask the hospital name and location. You can find the email id of HR (Human Resources) of the concerned hospital online and send a mail. If you are able to get a phone number, call them directly and ask about the agent. Now a days, hospitals are very vigilant in regard to recruitment scams. They will definitely clear your doubt.

Is there any method which is not involving a recruiting agent to get employed in a Gulf Hospital?

Yes, Know more about the exam you need to clear to work in the country you are planning to go. All of those (except some MOH exams) can be written and passed in India. For eg. for going to UAE, you can either write DHA(for Dubai) or HAAD (for Abudhabi) before you are leaving India. You can go to UAE in a visit visa and attend walk in interviews in UAE with your qualifications. For Saudi its Saudi Prometric and for Oman/Qatar its Oman Prometric/Qatar Prometric. You have to undergo Dataflow procedure in which credibility of your qualifications as well as experience certificate will be checked. So don’t try to do any malpractice.

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