Central Govt Nurses to start Indefinite Strike from March 15 2016 – Explanation from the Leader


Mrs G K Khurana – Popularly known as Khurana madam among central govt nurses is a woman who is a strong personality and a woman with courage to fight against injustice faced by nurses in central govt sector. It was under her leadership, Nurses battled in 2006 for pay hike and were promoted from Pay Band C (5200 – 20200 GP 1800) to Pay Band B (9300 – 34800 GP 4600).

Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam – The President of India, during that period also intervened and helped nurses to secure a better pay. You all might have heard that Govt Nurses are going for Indefinite strike from March 15th 2016 onwards. What is the reason behind? Why nurses are lead to strike all times?. Mrs. Khurana gives the answer to all especially nurturing nursing students regarding nurses agitations, allegations and frustrations about seventh pay commission.


Dear Students,
I, Mrs. G K Khurana, Secretary General, All India Govt. Nurses Federation We Nurses are on agitation against the retrograde recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission for Nurses. On 3rd of March we had an executive body meeting and decided unanimously to go on indefinite strike against the 7th CPC recommendations for nurses.. 1 want to draw your attention that we nurses always fought with Govt, for our rights, there is a history as a witness for my saying, we fought so many struggles against the govt during 1987, 1996, 2008 and so many small struggles.

Let me tell you all in brief as why the recommendations are retrograde in nature7, Pay commission comes for every 10 years, and nurses didn’t get any benefit from the recommendation, instead, the entry level grade pay is not increased which we demanded from Rs.4600 to Rs.5400 in pay band 3 keeping the new recruitment rules, qualification, comparing Military Nurses as they are getting Rs. 5400 Grade pay at the entry level. The disparity which was created during 6th CPC keeping ANS and DNS in same pay scale where we recommended to resolve this disparity, as you all know that. Deputy Nursing Suptd (DNS) is a promotional post from Asst Nursing Suptd(ANS) which was not resolved. Commission has compared Govt Nurses with private nurses, which is very injustice because Govt nurses has to clear the competitive examination both written exam and interview where the private nurses doesn’t have this difficulty, where Govt Nurses will have extra burden of other duties which private nurses doesn’t have, Govt nurses need to perform each and every work which doesn’t relate to direct patient care but private nurses do direct care. No one allowances are increased like Nursing allowance instead, they have abolished or merged many allowances for which we nurses are entitled like special area allowance(lCU,OT ). Every one in health sector knows well that, we nurses come under very high risk category among health care workers, where we work for 24*7 and in direct contact with patients unlike other health care providers including Doctors, then also we are not being categorized under high risk but categorized under very low risk category. As the pay commission didn’t recommend what we nurses actually deserve we called it as retrograde recommendations.

During 1996, we fought against 5th central pay commission and Govt of that period, we were on 19 days of indefinite strike and we succeeded in increasing pay scale of staff Nurse from 1400-2600 to 5000-8000, for teachers, starting with tutors from 2000-3200 to 6500-10500, nursing allowances from Rs 150 pm to Rs. 1600 pm, uniform allowance from Rs 1500 per annum to Rs 3000 per annum, washing allowance from Rs. 75 pm, to Rs. 150 pm, their by we succeeded in upbringing the status of Nurses..

Again we fought during 6th pay during 2006-08, where we were succeeded in achieving entry level grade pay Rs. 4600 for new recruits as a clinical nurses, for teachers it is 4800 Rs Grade pay, where we also succeeded in forcing the Govt to double the Nursing allowance i.e from Rs. 1600 pm to Rs.3200 pm, and other allowances were also increased..

I want to convey you all that we are asking Govt to provide us with 5400 Grade Pay in Pay Band 3, as entry level pay scale for staff Nurses, I know that you are getting little confusion with grade pay and pay band, but I am sure that you people will have a very bright future ones you enter into Govt. Job..
I want to ask you all that WHY INDIAN NURSES GO ABROAD? you will agree with me for sure that mainly because of two reasons that are, NICE SALARY PACKAGE AND BETTER LIVING CONDITIONS, because of this our Indian nurses are moving abroad for that they need to work like a bonded labour in private institute for less pay.

Recently the UPSC has changed the recruitment rules where Diploma in Nursing Candidates needs to have at least 1 year of experience and B.SC Nursing candidates shall have 6 months experience. Here again the pass out candidates needs to knock the doors of private hospitals for getting experience certificate and work for less pay keeping the present scenario of status of Nurses in India, taking the qualification, high risk and stress during work, working nature, extra burden on Govt Nurses, status in society, difficulty in getting Govt job we have prepared a memorandum regarding pay scale for the welfare and to prevent the Nurses going abroad, so that our health care delivery system can be strengthened and patients can get better care..

Its my humble request in all of you that join the agitation from March 15, 2016 and make your future brighter and be a part of History….

Mrs. G.K Khurana
Secretary General AIGNF

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