CBT exam (Computer Based Test) for getting job in UK as a registered nurse (with MCQs)

nmc cbt exam uk nurses registration study materials mock questionsCBT is a computer based test that all nurses need to pass, if they are planning to be a registered nurse in UK. This test is also known as Test of Competence Part !. All Nurses can attempt CBT after starting their NMC (Nurses and Midwifery Council) application. Before starting the NMC registration procedure, aspiring nurses should have passed their specific language requirement test (either IELTS Academic – 7 in each band or OET – b in all modules). If you are successful in CBT exam, you have to sit for Test of Competence Part 2 ie OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) after getting into UK. So CBT is the second step after which you have to complete certain paper works before reallocating to UK.

How to crack CBT exam to get into UK as a registered nurse?

I am sharing all these information based on my personal experience with CBT which i have appeared and passed around 3 months before.

What is CBT Exam?

As said earlier, CBT is a simple computer based test. It was made mandatory from October 2014 for nurses trained outside EEA (European Economic Area). It checks applicants pre registration education skills.
CBT will generally consists of questions that will assess your professional knowledge, skills and attitude required for your safe and effective practice in UK.

CBT questions will be primarily based on the nursing field of practice of applicant. Depends on which nursing field of practice you have given in your NMC application. It can be
– Adult Nursing
– Children Nursing
– Mental Health Nursing
– Learning Disabilities Nursing

What type of questions are usually asked in CBT?

CBT exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions. Other than the field of practice you have selected, there will be a great proportion of questions related to patient and public safety which are termed as critical questions. 90% of critical questions should be answered correct, if you want to pass CBT exam (which is not a big deal).

Fees for taking CBT

CBT will cost you around 12000 INR. Fees can be paid via pearson vue website and test center will be allocated to you, on your choice of place and time.

While taking CBT Exam

You will not be allowed to carry even your pen or wallet, mobile etc at your CBT exam time. A locker will be provided prior the exam, to keep your valuables. For exam, you will be given a computer along with a pen and a worksheet.

Time limit for CBT Exam

CBT exam will last for a minimum of 4 hours. You will be given pre test questions to get you familiarize with the type of CBT question pattern.

Results of CBT

Results of CBT exam will be mailed and messaged to your mobile within 48 hours (Believe me, i got it within 2 hours of exam completion).

How many times you can attempt CBT Exam?

If you ask me, i will tell you that CBT is not a big deal at all. I will be providing you free materials below this article, which i have read (Just once) before appearing for my CBT exam. In case, if you fail, you will have to wait for another six months to take the test again.

The Code : Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Nurses and Midwife

This is the most important thing, you need to read if you are appearing for CBT Exam.
Questions pertaining to the patient and public safety will also be asked. Eg, Medication Calculation.

Proportion of Questions in CBT Exam

Professional Values – 27%

Communication and IPR Skills – 10%

Nursing Practice and Decision Making – 33%

Leadership, Management and Team Working – 13%

Unique and Specific nursing field competence within each domain – 17%

Out of the questions which will be asked in 4 hour duration, 50 questions will be from each domain of nursing, 50 questions will be related to application of generic nursing competencies, 20 questions solely on the competencies required in field of nursing being applied for and 20 critical questions focusing on public and patient safety.

NB:- There is no negative scoring in CBT Exam.

How much percentage of marks is required to pass your CBT Exam?

– You need to have 90% of critical questions answered correctly, in order to pass CBT exam.
– Overall 60% of correctly answered questions will give you a pass in CBT exam.

Study Materials for CBT exam

This is one of the most searched thing by CBT exam takers. Luckily i had it from one of my friend who is already in UK practicing as a registered nurse. Here, i am providing you all the materials that made my pass my CBT exam in the first attempt. Personally i don’t think that you need to undergo any training merely for passing CBT exam. Its a very simple test of common sense and some general questions which i think every clinical nurse will manage to pass.

5 A DAY z card


140206_the_francis_inquiry Accountability assistive devices for walking


Care Manual


clinical benchmarking

Communication manual

Compassion manual




defense mechanism

delegation material



effective communication

ethical issues- confidentiality

Fluid balanceCorr.pdf


Independent Advocacy

IP skills



NCLEX crutches


NMC standards for medicines management Search Medical


non verbal communication

Nutrition and fluid management manual

Organisational aspects of care manual

Principles of nursing practice D 1a

revised code

revised-new-nmc-code March 2015

study material death and dying

study material psycho socio

study material Team work (1)

study material therapeutic communication

The code D 1a

The Human Rights Act D 1 b

therapeutic communication


Practice Questions for CBT Exam

Areas from which questions were asked in a cbt exam – From a test taker (memory based ) – Paper 1, Paper 2

Ans key- clubbed ques 2

cbt 22nd august cbt 2016


CBT exam questions july 2016

CBT exam questions

cbt june 2016

CBT questions – 6th March




CBT Test Questions- 24TH SEP

cbtquestions (3)

clubbed ques (1)

clubbed ques 1 – ANSWER KEY ( )

Clubbed ques 2

clubbed ques

Mock Test 1 Answer key

Hopes this article will be very useful for those candidates who are preparing for UK CBT exam for nurses. Keep sharing your knowledge, let the nurses reach the heights.

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