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“Remember Me” Alzheimer’s Theme September 21st 2016

“REMEMBER ME” This is the theme for World Alzheimer’s Month 2016. Alzheimer’s Associations around the world is asking everybody to get involved by sharing our favourite memories/memories of a loved one on Social Media this September with hashtags #RememberMe, #WAM2016.

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Plan to join a new team of nurses….Keep these 10 points in mind…..

As a new nurse, we are often intimidated by our superiors, not only out of our respect to them, but also because of the saying that ‘nurses eat their young’. New nurses are afraid how they will be treated by

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Blood – Components, their importance……Just refresh your knowledge

Blood is the body fluid which delivers nutrients and oxygent to cells and take out metabolic waste products away from the same cells.

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Drugs that can interact with immediate outcome of surgery….Just a review

Hello nurses, some of you will be working in Operation Theaters, ICUs, Preoperative and Postoperative wards etc concerned with the surgery department. You may be seeing the patient immediately before surgery/after the surgery. Sometimes you may be the nurse who

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Wonder pill – 3D printed pill gets patent in US August 2015

Drugs made using 3d printer for people with swallowing difficulty.

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