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Nipah Virus – What Nurses Needs to Know?

Widespread rumours have been spreading in the name of Nipah Virus Infection. As nurses, we need to know the legitimate truth behind. This article throws an insight about Nipah Virus Infection. Article has been prepared from various articles prepared by

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CBT exam (Computer Based Test) for getting job in UK as a registered nurse (with MCQs)

CBT is a computer based test that all nurses need to pass, if they are planning to be a registered nurse in UK. This test is also known as Test of Competence Part !. All Nurses can attempt CBT after

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Common cold is so common in children – Why it is so?

You might have observed that children under 5 years of age are frequently brought to hospital because of common cold and cough. What can be the underlying reason for this frequent colds in children?

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Research Reveals – Is eating antibiotic chicken safe in India?

Eating antibiotic chicken in India – Is it safe or not? This is a hot topic of discussion in the recent years. Its time to revive our opinions based on new studies conducted on Indian Poultry.

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IELTS Academic Band 7 Tips from a Test Taker 2017

IELTS is International English Language Testing System. IELTS is one of the mandatory requirements for a nurse if he/she is planning to migrate to an European Country/Canada/Australia. IELTS Academic is considered as a tough one and many people even hesitate

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Body signals that points to Cancer Diagnosis

Do you have a doubt that some form of cancer is developing inside you? These signals listed in this article may help you to detect if there is something that you need to be actually worried or taken care of.

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Exclusive – All World Health Days in Interactive Image…..Don’t Miss

Remembering important health days is a menace. Through this interactive image we tries to solve your problem. Yes, this image will help you learn all the important health days through out the year.

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October 24th – World Polio Day – Is it still there or not?

Do you know when was the last case of Wild Polio in India reported? It was on 13th January 2011 in West Bengal and Gujarat. On March 27, 2014 WHO declared India – POLIO FREE COUNTRY.

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“Remember Me” Alzheimer’s Theme September 21st 2016

“REMEMBER ME” This is the theme for World Alzheimer’s Month 2016. Alzheimer’s Associations around the world is asking everybody to get involved by sharing our favourite memories/memories of a loved one on Social Media this September with hashtags #RememberMe, #WAM2016.

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Plan to join a new team of nurses….Keep these 10 points in mind…..

As a new nurse, we are often intimidated by our superiors, not only out of our respect to them, but also because of the saying that ‘nurses eat their young’. New nurses are afraid how they will be treated by

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Blood – Components, their importance……Just refresh your knowledge

Blood is the body fluid which delivers nutrients and oxygent to cells and take out metabolic waste products away from the same cells.

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Drugs that can interact with immediate outcome of surgery….Just a review

Hello nurses, some of you will be working in Operation Theaters, ICUs, Preoperative and Postoperative wards etc concerned with the surgery department. You may be seeing the patient immediately before surgery/after the surgery. Sometimes you may be the nurse who

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Wonder pill – 3D printed pill gets patent in US August 2015

Drugs made using 3d printer for people with swallowing difficulty.

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Live Weevils Found in Infant Food June 2015

For more significant news in medical and public field related to nurses, don’t forget to hit a like at our fb page ie viz.

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Vitamins and Deficiency diseases June 2015

Some vitamins and their deficiency diseases. Hopes this is very useful… Source – Click Here For more useful articles like this, do hit a like at our fb page ie

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