Career options for nurses with 7 band in Academic IELTS (October 2017)

ielts academic 7 band nurses options advtHave you been trying a lot to get a 7 band in IELTS academic? You should have an idea about what you can do after getting these high score…In this blog post we will tell you about the options you have, in case if you have got a nice IELTS Academic score….Keep reading for more

Current options for nurses with 7 band in Academic IELTS

We will be discussing based on the prominent countries which are recruiting presently from India.

1. Canada

If you are planning to fly to Canada soon after getting an IELTS with 7 in each band. Let’s tell you that you need to wait and relax first. For Canada, you need to write both IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

IELTS General will enable you to get a PR within one year if you have atleast 2 years experience. Your IELTS Score will be having a specific point which along with your age, expereince, qualification etc should make up to some 67 points to make you eligible for a Canadian PR (Permanent Residency). Some good agencies will take a minimum of 1.5 to 2.5 lakh for getting this done.

IELTS Academic with the following scores will make you enable for NNAS (National Nursing Assessment Service) assessment and they will tell whether you are eligible to write NCLEX RN exam (previously CRNE). The score required is Listening – 7.5, Reading – 7, Writing – 7 and Speaking – 7. Sometimes after assessment you may be asked to appear for an OSCE Exam before appearing for NCLEX RN (Has happened with many of the students who studied in Kerala). After that you can write NCLEX RN through Pearson Vue centers all over the world.

So let me make it clear, you have to take both IELTS Academic and IELTS General for a PR and RN license in Canada. Let me add one more thing, while starting NNAS assessment you should apply for both RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) and RN (Registered Nurse) license as the salary differ just 5- 10 Dollars/hour. Its easy to get an RPN rather than RN. opportunity is also more for RPN.

It would be better to try to migrate from India rather than going to Canada on a student visa and trying for a PR letter. This is because this will cost you more time for the same.

2. Australia

To practice as a Registered Nurse in Australia requires an IELTS Academic of 7 in each band with overall 7.0. But you have to undergo for an adaptation course there. Previously the duration of this adaptation course was 3 months which was increased to 6 months recently. But as per my knowledge there are colleges available where you can still pursue 3 months adaption course.

After this adaptation course, you may be having another 1 – 2 months for job search. If you are not getting job during this period, you will have to return to India and have to apply online for nursing jobs from India. This is also required for visa change.

For adaptation course, institutes are charging a course fee of 6 lakh INR to 14 lakh INR of which you should be careful while making a choice.

3. United Kingdom

If you have secured a 7 band in IELTS Academic, you are ready to apply for free recruitment to UK. You also need a 12 months experience certificate too. But, some challenges are still waiting. First one is you need to pass a computer based test (CBT) online. Later after arriving in UK, you will need to under go OSCE Training. You will have two free chances for OSCE within six months. After that you need to pay. You will be entitled to get a salary of 2 lakhs/month after OSCE (You will get around 1.38 lac/month till you clears OSCE). You will have three attempts for writing OSCE. Gap between second and third attempt is six months. Your job will be Senior Health Care Assistant till you clears OSCE. After OSCE you will get the registered nurse status.

All fees required for visa, NMC registration, OSCE fee, CBT fee etc will be reimbursed by the recruiter itself.

4. Ireland

You can apply for free recruitment to an Irish hospital if you have cleared IELTS Academic with following scores, Speaking – 7.0, Writing – 7.0, Re ading – 6.5 and Listening – 6.5. NMBI registration fee, visa fee, flight ticket etc is free from the recruiter.

But as per our information, Ireland has recruited so many nurses which is almost near saturation. So the recruitment process is taking too long. Its advised to go for UK if you have IELTS Academic 7 in each band (Atleast in two sittings – No score should be less than 6.5 in both sittings)

Hopes this is useful to somebody who is planning for a career in these countries.

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