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Now a days the number of students who are passing out BSc nursing is more than that of GNM Nurses. So its time to think. What they can do with their BSc Nursing degree? What all career fields they can opt after BSc Nursing? Is it the end or beginning? Most of us are fed up with BSc Nursing itself and are not interested in learning it any more. So the question is what all are the options infront of a BSc Nurse? Whether its time to rethink about the important decision we have taken in our life? I hope this article will answer most of them.

The days have gone so far that those who have finished BSc Nursing are thinking of other options rather than MSc Nursing.The scope of MSc Nursing has diminished in India owing to the rapidly increasing no of Post Graduates from numerous colleges in India. The newly passed out MSc Nurses are ready to work as a staff nurse or as a teacher with staff nurse salary.

Most of the nursing students who joins MSN programme wants to leave nursing at the clinical side. So if scope of MSc Nursing is diminishing, what are the other PG programmes or courses they can pursue after BSc Nursing? tries to sort out the answer.
Lets see some of the opitons,

1. MHA – Master of Health Administration/ Master of Hospital Administration
Both these courses are available at Tata Institute of Social Sciences – TISS, Mumbai Campus. TISS offers more than 90% surety in campus placement in these courses. Masters in Hospital administration can be pursued in other colleges too.

The admission is through Entrance test and Interview at TISS, Mumbai. You can get direct admission in private colleges. But before taking in admission in private colleges, i would like to ask a question. Would you be able to find a job in the field after passing from that College? Now a days reputation of the college matter’s very much. This is because you will have to compete with people who have completed MBA for jobs.

Career prospective includes working in NGO’s, Govt projects, Multinational Health care Organizations, Corporate hospitals etc

See More about Master of Health Administration at TISS Website – Click here

See More about Master of Hospital Administration at TISS Website – Click here

This year – 2016 admission last date was on December 09, 2016.

2. MPH – Master of Public Health
Many national institutes like Sree Chitra (SCTIMST) Trivandrum, PGIMER – Chandigarh, AIIMS – New Delhi etc conducts MPH course, but SCTIMST and National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) only allows nurses to pursue MPH after their graduation.

Also BSc Nurses with two year experience can apply for MPH at Institute of Health Management Research University, Jaipur which collaborates with John Hopkins University. Stringent criterias are there for admission to MPH course in IHMR, Jaipur which is given in their website viz. Eligibility

The admission is through entrance test. Career prospectives include working with UNO, WHO and other NGO’s as well as govt projects like NRHM etc

3. MBA – Hospital Administration
MBA in Hospital Administration – Regular full time 2 year Course in prestigious institutes like IIM Calicut will surely render nice job opportunities after completion of programme. Eventhough you can earn this degree through distance education from many universities like Bharatiar University, better to go with some recognized institutes if you are planning regular MBA Programme

To get an admission to IIM is through Common admission test (CAT) and admission depends on your CAT Score – then Group Discussion (GD) and Interview. Career Prospective is in Pharmaceutical companies, Corporate Hospitals etc

4. MSW – Master of Social Work
If you are planning to do IELTS and leave to European Countries, US or Australia, MSW in Medicine and Psychiatry is a good option for nurses after their graduation particularly for those who likes to work in European countries or US. After MSW you can work as a case manager in hospitals in Europe.

But funny thing i have to tell you, If you work as a full time Registered Nurse – RN in US, you can earn double money when compared to Social Worker. But if the profession is your problem, go for MSW in Medicine and Psychiatry.

5. Medical Transcription/Medical Writing/Telehealth/Medical Coding etc. – All these are BPO(Buisiness process Outsourcing) jobs. Eventhough you can earn a nice salary, you may have to work in night also. Career prospective is also limited. You also should have a good typing speed, nice English communication skills etc. First of all these companies will give nice salary. But once you are trapped or serious about the job, the salary hike is doubtful. But its much better for a staff nurse who intends to work in a private hospital for a life time.

Medical Transcription – The job comes from European countries. As you know most of the medical expenses are payed by Insurance companies. So physcians will dictate the findings, diagnosis and treatment. This a transcriptionist has to listen and document with good speed. If you have nice language skills and typing skill, go for it.

6. Infection Control Nurse – Most of the nurses are aware of the job profile of infection control nurse as most of the corporate hospitals and central govt teaching hospitals have definitely employed them. As the name suggests, their mere role is to prevent infection. You can study infection control nurse PG diploma from distance education universities. Qualified Infection control nurses are in good demand in Middle East Hospitals as these hospitals are very strict in following the JCI Accreditation standards.

7. MBBS – Yes, you heard it. I have seen some people moving to Philipines and West Indies for learning MBBS. For keralites let me tell you one fact that most of the nurses don’t know,  in Kerala Medical Entrance – one seat for MBBS is exclusively reserved for a BSc Nurse.

8. Nurse Educator/Clinical Instructor – MSc Nurses have a nice option in Middle East of becoming Nurse Educator/Clinical Instructor in hospitals. I have a friend in Kuwait MOH hospital who is working as a Nurse Educator in a hospital. But how to reach there and grab the job? Mystery lies there.

9. Nurse Practioner/Advanced Practioner Nurse – APN – You all know that Nurse practioner course is being introduced in India. NP and its career profile was pictured in one of our previous articles which you can read here.

Advanced Practioner Nurse – APN is a course of two years duration that you can do after reaching in some of the European countries. The interesting fact is that if you are working as a permanent employee there, the nurses union/association will take over your full fees for studies.

10. MSc Clinical Research – This is a nurturing field for nurses. Nurses can work as clinical researcher in hospitals. Some institutions are offering regular as well as distance education courses in Clinical research.

11. Some more MSc Programmes – MSc. Anatomy, MSc. Neuroscience, MSc Biotechnology, MSc in renal science and Dialysis Technology, MSc. Medical Microbiology, MSc. Medical Sociology etc are some more options out there after finishing BSc Nursing.

We know that this is not the end of options, But we just have tried to list down the major options other than MSc Nursing. You are free to contribute towards this….

But if you likes nursing at bedside, then what are the options fresh passouts are having now – Lets see

1. Corporate Hospital Jobs – You can earn between 14000 – 18000/month in the starting of your job in corporate hospitals. What you have to keep in mind is you should have an experience in same field for more than 2 years, if you want to go to middle east countries.

2. IELTS and Europe/Australia – IELTS Score (7 in each band) along with 1 year experience will help you to fly and migrate to Europe/Australia

3. Middle East Jobs – Current Scenario – Indian nurses are tangled with chains of immigration clearance. You should have atleast 2 years experience for writing HAAD, DHA, MOH, PROMETRIC exams. You can apply online to hospitals in middle east.

4. Central Govt Jobs in India – No central govt institutions are asking experience for candidates (BSc Nurses) applying for the post of staff nurse. But you have to undergo entrance test and in some cases interview too. Benefits are many – Salary > 50000/month, medical benefits, Leaves etc. More than this, 7th pay commission will come in to effect from January 2016. Considerable pay hike is expected.

5. State Govt Jobs – State Govts are also paying decent salary to staff nurses. Some have hiked the pay to Central pay scales too.

In any field you choose, it is not easy to survive. Whether it be engineering, medicine or nursing. But as somebody said “Have H.O.P.E – Hold On, Pain Ends”.

Happy Nursing Buddies!!!!

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