Authorized recruiting agencies to Gulf Countries July 2017

Authorized recruiting agencies to Gulf Countries July 2017There are lot of recruitment scams going around in the field of nursing recruitment. Who all are the recognised agencies? Whether only Norka roots, ODEPC and OMCL Tamil Nadu are the only permitted nurse recruiters? This article will answer all your queries.

Authorized recruiting agencies to Gulf Countries by Govt of India (Private and govt agencies)

There was a Qatar recruitment by Jesseena manpower very recently. But do you know Jerry Varghese Agency is also authorized to recruit Indian nurses to Qatar till October 31st 2017. You can read the offical permission letter from ministry of external affairs, Govt of India – For Jerry vargfhese, For jesseena qatar 

In January 2016, a list of authorized recruiting agencies to kingdom of Saudi Arabia was out (can be viewed here – SAUDI January 2016). Whether that list is still valid? Yes, these agencies have permission till August 2017 (see Saudi Arabia extension upto August 31 2017)

Permission given to Al Hind to recruit to King Faisal Specialist hospital and research center, Riyadh – al hind king faisal

Permission given to Habsons Jobsup Ltd to recruit to Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group Holdin Company, Riyadh, KSA – Habsons sulaiman habib

Regarding, Oman Recruitment, you can see the official recruitment advertisement permitting Gilead International and Gulfshield Tours and Travels here – Gulf Shiled MOH Oman, Gheewala Oman

Bahrain recruitment permission given to Meridian Agency, Thrissur Kerala can viewed here – Bahrain MOH Meridian agency

Latest Nursing recruitment permission (Dated June 21st) given to Habsons agency, New Delhi and Jolly Gemini Manpower, Cochin to Saudi Defense hospital can be viewed here –Habsons and Jolly Gemini

Permission given to Jerry Varghese Agency to recruit to Saudi Arabia can be seen here – jerry varghese saudi arabia

This information might be useful to many nurses who are trying for middle east nursing jobs. If you liked the article please give it a share and like to show your support. Details of authorized recruiting agencies to gulf countries for Indian nurses are portrayed in this article in concordance with orders of Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India.

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