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australia nurses registration from IndiaEverybody knows that Australia now accepts OET B level for becoming a registered nurse in Australia. Before an IELTS Academic score of overall 7 and 7 in each band was required. Eventhough OET is little costlier exam than IELTS, OET is considered as more easier than IELTS Academic. So we think it will be worth to share about how to become a registered nurse in Australia after clearing OET / IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE Exam.

How to become registered nurse in Australia after passing IELTS Academic/OET?

In order to register with Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia, you need to meet all the criteria laid down by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Previously like in India, there were many state nursing council’s in Australia. Recently all nursing councils were united and AHPRA was made as a single regulatory agency for monitoring Nursing Registration in Australia.

AHPRA offers hussle free registration for nurses who have registered in few countries. These countries include, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. This means that, if you are from India or any other country and have registration in any of the countries mentioned above, there is no need for you to undergo individual assessment again.

Now we will see what all are needed for any nurse (who has not registered in any of the countries mentioned above) to register with AHPRA.

You will need to have a criminal history check, English language skill assessment result,

English language Requirements for Australia

IELTS Academic 7 in all four areas (Listening, reading, writing and speaking). This can be clubbed too but should be within 6 months and none of your score should be less than 6.5 in any of the sitting.

OET B level (a maximum of two test sittings in a six-month
period only if:
• you are tested in all four components in
each sitting, and
• you achieve a minimum score of B in each
component across the two sittings, and
• no score in any component of the test is
below C.)

PTE Academic with a minimum overall score of 65 and a minimum score of 65 in each of the four communicative skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

NOTE: We will only accept test results:
i. from one test sitting, or

ii. a maximum of two test sittings in a six month period only if:

• a minimum overall score of 65 is achieved in each sitting, and

• you achieve a minimum score of 65 in each of the communicative skills across the two sittings, and • no score in any of the communicative skills is below 58

TOEFL iBT with a minimum total score of 94 and the following minimum score in each section of the test:

• 24 for listening
• 24 for reading
• 27 for writing, and
• 23 for speaking.

Clinical Practice Requirement

Recent practice of 650 hours in the registered country.

Nurses comes under general skilled migration category and are eligible to get a migration visa – See the skilled worker category (Click Here)

You can check your eligibility through skilled migration assessment here.

ANMAC Skill Assessment for Nurses

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council’s (ANMAC) assesses the skills of nurses and midwives seeking to migrate to Australia under Australia’s General Skilled Migration program. ANMAC is the independent assessing authority authorized by law to conduct these assessments by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). They determine if an applicant’s nursing or midwifery qualifications are suitable for permanent migration.

If you do not meet all 5 standards contact the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia to find out what you need to do to gain registration in Australia. If you are successful and your name appears on the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency’s (AHPRA) online public Register of Practitioners you may be able to apply to ANMAC for a modified skills assessment for permanent migration.

After ANMAC Skill assessment, you will be provided with a decision letter with which you can join for new six months adaptation course run by any of the recognised universities in Australia. Programme includes three months of theory, which you can practice from your home country, and three months of practical programme at Australia. The program cost varies from 8 lacs to 12 lacs excluding your living expenses.

What will i do after completion of adaptation course?

After adaptation, you can try for job as a registered nurse in Australia till your visa end period. If your visa expires, you need to leave to your home country (India) and have to apply for jobs via online from here.

Hospitals always look for nurses who have already got Permanent Residency (PR). Still some are asking newly registered too.(Scenario has been changing recently)

After you stays in Australia for a duration of atleast four years, you are eligible for applying PR (Permanent Residency).

Salary – For a full time registered nurse, Salary will be around 3 – 3.5 lacs/month (Indian Money).

Flow Chart of Australia Nurses Registration from other countries

Australia Nurses Registration from India

Hopes this article has given you an insight regarding migration and Australia Nurses Registration Requirements/Procedure.

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