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Ministry-of-Overseas-Indian-Affairs-logoThere is a lot of confusion going on behalf of POE Clearence for emigration to foreign countries. tries to sought out answers for most of the frequently asked questions.Hopes this is useful to you, Please don’t hesitate to give a like and share if this article worth’s it…

1. Who all requires emigration clearance?
All persons, having ECR endorsed passports and going to any of the 17 ECR countries for taking up employment require emigration clearance.

2. How can a person take up employment in an ECR Country?
A person could take up employment in a foreign country either through a registered recruiting agent or directly through a foreign employer (Direct E Recruitment) or a project exporter.

3. But if I gets a job offer from an employer in an ECR Country, will I get POE clearance?
The Protector of Emigrants, after satisfying himself about the accuracy of the particulars mentioned in the application and other documents submitted along with the application, grant emigration clearance in the prescribed manner and form. In case there is any deficiency, the POE intimates the same by an order in writing to the applicant or, as the case may be, the Recruiting Agent or employer, through whom the applications have been made.

4. From where will I get information about Registered Agents(RA)?
Information about the registered as well as active Recruiting Agents (RA) is available at the Ministry’s website:

5. What are the documents that I should produce to get Emmigration Clearence if I got a job through direct recruitment by the employer?
Individuals who seek emigration clearance directly from the Protectors of Emigrants (and not through Recruiting Agents) are required to produce the following documents in original for scrutiny and return:
a. Passport valid for a minimum period of six months with valid visa.

  1. Employment Contract from foreign employer.
  2. Challan towards deposit of prescribed fee.
  3. Insurance policy- Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana.

6. What are the documents that are needed to be produced if I got an employment through a registered agent?
Recruiting agents who seek emigration clearance for skilled/semiskilled workers are required to produce:
a. Passport of the worker valid for a minimum period of 6 months with valid visa.

  1. Original Employment contract, demand letter and power of attorney from the foreign employer.
  2. Challan towards deposit of prescribed fee.
  3. Insurance Policy- Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana.

7. How will I know whether my recruiting agent is authorized or not to conduct recruitment?

For knowing whether a Recruitment Agent (RA) is registered with this Ministry or not / whether the RA is active or not.Please follow these simple steps:
a. Click here to visit our official website (This site is updated on daily basis.)
b. Click 2nd Button on left marked as “APPLY’
c. Click on the 4th (green) box against ‘Applicant(Individual, PE or RA?):’
d. Select “RA” from the dropdown menu
e. Click on the 5th Box (yellow) against ‘Recruiting Agent:’. This shall drop down the list of RAs in alphabetic order.
f. . Name of an RA appearing in the list means the RA is registered with the MOIA and, he is active RA.
g. Complete contact details of the RAs are available at under the head, “RA Information”

8. Finally, Which all are these 17 ECR countries?
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Libya, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sudan,  Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand and Iraq. hopes all the conflicts are resolved soon and all of our skillful nurses gets their dream jobs….Team

Article Source – The ministry of overseas indian affairs, Govt of India

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