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IELTS have now become mandatory for nurses who are planning to work abroad esp. in European countries, USA, Australia etc. So it is essential for nurses to know the basics of IELTS like What is IELTS?, Types or versions within IELTS, Where can you take test?, What is the score required by nurses for migration?, How many times you can take the test?, What are the minimum scores and maximum scores? Etc. etc. This article will help you to resolve all these doubts. Article is prepared in question and answer model so that it you will find what your requires or searches easily. Hopes this article is useful for all nurses who are planning or preparing to write IELTS sooner or later. If you finds this article useful please do share this article to your friends and family, so that more people may benefit from this small article from

What is IELTS? Who runs the exam for IELTS?
IELTS was first established jointly by Cambridge English Language Assessment, British Council and IDP Education pvt Ltd in 1989. Since then they are conducting exams for the same. IELTS test English proficiency of non native English language speakers.

What are the two versions of IELTS?
IELTS has two versions viz Academic version and General Training version. Usually for Nurses who seeks migration and PR(Permanent Residence) in foreign countries need to undergo Academic version of IELTS. General Training version is generally intended for student visas in foreign countries.

Which are the countries that require IELTS for Immigration/Work Permit?
Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, United States, Ireland and Canada are the usual countries that demand IELTS for allotting work permit to nurses

Do IELTS alone is needed to work in these countries or some thing else is required along with IELTS?
Dear Nurses, In all these countries IELTS Score card enables you to apply for an adaptation programme to make your BSc Nursing degree/GNM equivalent to the concerned countries Nursing degree. This adaptation programme may be a programme itself (Eg. Iron bridging programme in Australia) or professional licensure exam like NCLEX RN in US or CRNE in Canada. If looking to migrate to UK , after you grab your IELTS score, you need to pass CBT online in India, Then OSCE after reaching UK. So without these adaptation programme or without qualifying licensure exam, you cannot practice in these countries. So IELTS is merely the first step to secure your dream nursing job ie RN(Registered Nurse) in these countries.

What are the contents of IELTS exam?
IELTS Exam is of 3 hours duration. This 3 hours includes Listening(40 minutes), Reading(60 minutes), Writing(60 minutes) and Speaking(11-15 minutes). The first 3 parts are given without breaks, which makes the IELTS the longest test without breaks (160 minutes). The Speaking Module may be taken, at the discretion of the test center, in the period seven days before or after the other Modules

What is the score/grading system of IELTS and Do it have a validity period?
Score range is 0 – 9 in 0.5 band increments (9- Expert user, 8 – Very good user, 7 – Good user, 6 – Competent user, 5 – Modest user, 4 – Limited user, 3 – Extremely limited user, 2 – Intermittent user, 1 – Non user) and regarding validity period, Yes IELTS do carry a validity period. IELTS is valid only for a period of 2 years.

What is the fees for IELTS exam and How many times you can write the exam?
Fees varies in the range of Rs.14000 in India depending upon the center and time. There is no limit for the times you can write the exam(Previously there was a limit of 90 days after a test to take the retest, but now it has been taken off).

When you will be able to know the result of exam taken?
Normally, you will get your result within 14 days after taking the exam.

Where can I get more information regarding the contents of the IELTS exam in detail?
You can get in depth knowledge about all the modules of IELTS exam at the following website ie Official Website

You can download handbook for IELTS test takers from the following link – ielts-information-for-candidates

What are the scores agencies are asking for nurses to migrate to these foreign countries?
For UK – IELTS each module 7 except Writing for which you require a 6.5  as per new amendment (you can achieve this in two consecutive tests within six months)
For Australia – Speaking – 7 and Overall 7 is required (Clubbing can be done)
For Ireland and New Zealand – Speaking – 7, Writing – 6.5 (Ireland alone) and Overall 6.5 is required (You can club the scores in two tests)
For Canada – Reading and Speaking – 7 and Overall 7 is required (Different score for Qubec migration, For NNAS (National Nursing Assessment System) you will need L – 7.5, R – 6.5, W – 7, S – 7)
For US – Speaking – 7 and Overall 7 (Currently no recruitment from India)

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