Ban of 457 visa in Australia – What Nurses needs to know?

457 visa ban australia 2017

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia on April 19th 2017 declared a ban on 457 visa category and replaced it with a new temporary visa. Will this be affecting nursing job opportunities in Australia? Continue reading to know more.

Ban on 457 visa and introduction of new temporary visa in Australia

Will this rule change affect nurses?

Its a “yes” and you will find the reasons below

Existing scenario for Nurses in Australia

Nurses from India has to to have IELTS Academic 7 in each band (maximum of two sittings within six months) or OET Score of B in each four components or PTE Academic minimum score of 65 in each band or TOEFL minimum score of 94 and L – 24, R- 24, W- 27 , S – 23.  Then they have to get a study visa to get into Australia for APHRA (adaptation) programme. This Adaptation proggramme makes your nursing degree or diploma equivalent to that of an Australian one. After completing this proggramme of 3 months duration you will be getting a maximum of 90 days to find a job. If you are not getting, you have to return to India and apply for jobs from India. Then if you finds a job, the employer (hospital/agency) will issue a 457 visa for two/four years which you are able to extend leading to permanent residency/citizenship.

What is going to change?

Eventhough Nurses are not removed in the new visa category (over 200 professions have been removed), the following changes are expected

– Experience Requirements – Likely to increase from existing six months to four years

Strict language norms

Criminal background verification for 457 visas (newly introduced)

– 457 visas will be replaced with a two year and a four year contract visa for a list of 434 jobs (previously 650 – removed 216 professionals)

– Employer who is intending to sponsor the nurse (hospital) should pay 1150 $ ( previously 1060$) for two year contract and 2400$ (almost doubled) for a four year contract.

– Those who are coming on two year visa will not be allowed to extend more than another two years. that is after four years, they have to leave the country (No hope for PR). Similar outcome can be expected with four year visas too.

If employer (hospital) is ready to provide PR visa, then  eligibility requirements are tightened for employer sponsored permanent skilled visas, including but not limited to:

  • tightened English language requirements
  • a requirement for visa applicants to have at least three years’ work experience
  • applicants must be under the maximum age requirement of 45 at the time of application
  • strengthened requirement for employers to contribute to training Australian workers, and
  • employers must pay the Australian market salary rate and meet the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold

Existing financial cost for migration to Australia as a registered nurse

Till you are achieving 7 band in IELTS academic or related tests, costs are affordable for every body. The agencies/consultancies are charging 12 – 14 lakhs for APHRA adaptation programe. Some even have their own colleges there.

From our inquiry there are many colleges offering adaptation programs in much lower cost (from 6 lakhs). Agencies are getting benefited through this adaptation course. So beware, they still will be assuring you that every thing is alright as there is no problem in doing adaptation course. The problem lies in getting Permanent Residency after getting a job. That no agency will be ready to offer.

Those who are in 457 visas in Australia has no reason to worry as PM has assured them they will be treated separate.

common 457 visas in australia


Our advise is to wait for another 3 months before joining any Australian adaptation course. The new visa rule is going to be implemented from 2018 March. Still one more year is there, and there is no comments regarding this period. Reassurance is given only to those 457 visas who has applied before April 19 2017.

The Australian Nurses had filed a mass petition in 2015 regarding less job opportunities after course completion.

This move is also intending at the upcoming election in Australia.


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