15 Nursing School/Staff Nurse Essentials that every nurse would love to buy

nursing essentials that nurses would love to haveWhat are the essential tools required for a student nurse or a practicing nurse? Have you thought of it? Sometimes while writing on IV infusion bottles, you might be thinking of possibility of getting a sharp colour pen. While recieving a hand over, you may find the difficulty in writing every thing in a chit paper. A pocket diary would come useful in that situation. So, its clear there are some nursing essentials which are required for both a student nurse or a staff nurse. Lets start thinking…

Nursing essentials for student nurses and staff nurses

1. A Pocket diary and a clickable pen

It is the utmost essential thing for a practicing nurse as well as student nurse. You can note down some important things to do while you are on shift duty. You can also take notes on patient data so that it can be useful while preparing your care plan or case study. So this is a must have essential.

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Clickable pen – You might be using a clickable pen if you are a staff nurse. The benefit is it prevents ink stains and marks on your apron as well as you don’t have to search often for the cap.

2. Stethoscope

Whether it be for assessing lung sounds or measuring blood pressure, stethoscope is a must for all nurses.

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3. Nurses Drug Guide

If you are a practicing nurse, often you may find difficulty in answering questions asked by patients/bystanders related to medicine administration.Having a nurses pocket drug guide, solves your problem.

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4. Nurses fob watch

If you are an educated nurse, you will not wear a watch during any procedure. If you wear a watch it can cause many matters related to infection. Firstly it can infect the patient, secondly you will carry the same watch throughout the day and whoever comes in contact with that watch is prone to an infection (Because you never wash a watch!!!).

A nurses fob watch comes handy in this scenario. You can attach this one to your apron/coat and you can wash and use the silicone holders every day. Benefit – No infection to patients as well as your beloved ones.

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5. ID card holder

As a nurse, you need to carry your id card always with you. IF you put it in your pants/apron, you won’t liket to take it out often with your toiled hands. Here comes the usage of retractable recoil id card holder.

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6. Sharpie fine point permanent Markers

Suppose you are working/posted in an ICU, you might see various infusions going on. You may need to label each and everyone. You cannot do this properly with your ball point pens. You need fine point permanent coloured markers for this purpose.

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7. General Cutting Scissors

Whether it be cutting a plaster, labeling something or even making something for your presentation, small general cutting scissor will come handy in all these situations.

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8. Hand Sanitizer

Irrespective of staff nurse or student nurse, everyone will be taking care of patients. You will need to touch the patient often. Every time its not practical to use universal precautions. So sometimes you may need to touch patient with your bare hands. All hospitals are not in position to provide hand sanitizers besides every patient. But your life is also important. Considering that if you carry a pocket hand sanitizer while you are on duty it will benefit both you and your patient. You can use this every time before and after patient care.

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9. Pen Torch cum laser pointer

For viewing pupillary reaction rather than using camera flash of your phone, you can carry a pen cum torch cum pointer. You can use it to scribble notes, to see pupillary reactions as well as to point out during your presentations.

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10. Writing Kit

You can have a range of pencils, erasers, pens, scales etc by buying a writing kit rather than buying each one separate. This is more economical too.

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Specific to Student Nurses

11. Highlighters

When you are reading a note, text book etc highlighter will come handy to mark the important points. If its multicolour, you can mark various portions depending on your priority (Each priority can be given a specific colour).

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12. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes helps student nurses in many ways. It will help you to remember frequently forgotten things, assignments to be completed, exam dates and more. You can stick these notes right infront of your study table.

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13. Writing Pad/Clip boards for exams

If you are a student nurse, you need to take a lot of exams especially practical exams. Clip board comes handy during your practical exams. It will help you hold your answer paper while examining patients during examination. It will also help you to draw diagrams/pictures for various projects, sitting or lying.

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14. NCLEX/Staff Nurse Exam Guides

If you are a student nurse, one day you will definitely have to prepare for various licensing exam.So its better to have some nursing guides with you while you are studying nursing itself. When ever you are learning something, just learn the concerned part in your nursing exam preparation guide too. This will help you prepare for staff nurse exam which you will be facing in immediate future.

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15. Useful apps to study nursing in playstore/i stores (mobile/tab)

There are many useful application s (free and paid) which will help you sharpen your knowledge while studying nursing or practicing nursing. Download some of these top rated ones which will help you in long run.

A voice recorder may help you to record lectures and take notes later. It will also help you to listen to a lecture even if you were absent that day. Buy it online – http://amzn.to/2jd2VYV

Hopes this article have thrown light some of basic necessities which we are happily neglecting during our nursing practice/studies.

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