10 benefits of being a Central Govt Staff Nurse

10-benefits-of-being-a-central-govt-nurseAll of us know that nurses working in a central govt setup is getting a decent amount as salary. But some of us even central govt staff nurses don’t know some exciting benefits that their job is providing them. Here we are trying to explain some of them, which most of us won’t be knowing…

1. Payscale

In sixth pay commission, central govt staff nurse salary was fixed at 9300 – 34800 GP 4600. This scale was 5200 – 20200 range in fifth pay commission. Central govt staff nurses were shifted from Pay band C to Pay band B by seventh pay commission. This was due to the efforts made by Delhi Nurses esp. Mrs. Khurana Madam and blessings from the President of India (Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir). This hike was to retain qulity nurses in India as so many foreign recruitments especially to UK and USA were going on that time.

Moreover one important point i want to specify here, a Junior Engineer in Railways get the starting salary of Rs. 9300 – 34800 GP 4200 only. But we nurses will get GP of Rs. 4600 in entry cadre and will be having a salary difference of around Rs. 10000 when compared to them.

2. Nursing Allowance
Nursing Allowance is a monthly emolument of Rs. 4500. Let me tell this one is the major factor that escalates nurses salary from others in the same pay band ie 9300 – 34800 GP 4600.

3. LTC and HTC
LTC stands for Leave Travel Concession and HTC stands for Home town Concession. LTC can be availed once in four years. With LTC one central govt staff nurse may plan a trip with family any where in India (also to Andoman, Nicobar, Lakshwadeep islands) in 2nd class AC train ticket. For Andoman and Nicobar Islands, air fare will be provided.

HTC – Every year a central govt staff nurse is entitled to get a second class AC fare for travelling with family to and from their respecitive home town.

4. Leave Benefits
A central govt nurse will have 8 offs/month, an additional 3 national holidays/year, 8 Casual leaves/year, 30 days of Earned Leave/year, 15 full day medical leaves/year.

Injury leave – If a nurse gets some form of injury during her duty hours, she is entitled to get special casual leave or injury leave in that case.

5. Maternity leave and Paternity leave
Female staff nurses can avail 6 months of maternity leave (only twice in her lifetime).

There is also provision for Abortion Leave of 45 days (only once)

Male staff nurses can avail 15 days of paternity leave within six months of birth of baby (twice in life time)

6. Tuition Fees for Children
Staff nurses will get around Rs. 18000/year for a maximum of two children to pay their School tution fees annually. There is also reservation for children of central govt employees in central govt schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas – KV’s

7. Medical Benefits
If a staff nurse is woriking in an institute where all medical facilities are available, she can claim all of them free of cost. Medcal Benefits are not limited to his/her family alone, it is extended to either his/her parents or parent in laws.

If all medical facilities are not available in the institute, they can get a referral letter and seek medical help from reputed private hospitals which will be payed by the government.

8. Higher Education
There is a provision for central govt staff nurses to avail payed study leave after 5 years of completed service. Also, he/she can apply for cassless study leave after completing his/her probation.

9.Graduation Allowance
If a graduate staff nurse is working in a position called for GNM nurses, she is entitled to avail graduation allowance from govt of India. But if the position was opened for both diploma and graduate nurses, there is no provision to avail the same.

10. In case of death
Some unfortunate things happen in life without giving any clues. In case of death of staff nurse and if she/he has completed probation period successfully, his or her spouse or family member as nominated by her is entitled to have a central govt job. If nobody is eligible means, his or her child wil get the pension benefits till he or she is 22 years old.

One thing i should add to this, there are some drawbacks too…For eg. a staff nurse joined as Sister grade 2 will be promoted to Sister Grade 1 only after 10 years of service and with a gradepay hike from 4600 to 4800. Next hike is coming after 10 years, ie increase from 4800 to 5400.

But in the case of Junior Engineer and all they have more promotion and pay hike options. Staff nurse will be a staff nurse only during her entire career.

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